Friday, August 24, 2012

I'M BaaaaaaacCK!!!

So, I have not blogged in a long time, and by long time it feels like FOR-ev-ER!!!  I have missed this world so so SO much! I wouldn't even allow myself to read other blogs anymore because I missed it so much, and knew I just didn't have the time to participate right now.  I have continued to sew and create interesting things, and every time I did I thought "wow I need to take a picture of this and blog about it!".  My heart would jump with joy a little at the thought, and then I got completely stressed thinking about all the things I had ALREADY done, taken pictures of and NOT blogged about yet.  Ummmm, I have a LOT.  So in order to take the stress out, and put the joy back into this I'm starting fresh.  I will blog about anything and everything I want, when I want.  I was so worried about staying in my "niche" of sewing, crafts, and cooking, and staying on a posting schedule that I stopped enjoying it all. It became work to keep up with multiple posts a week.  I really felt I started to abandon my family a little in order to stay current on what was going on in "blog-land" and in the crafty department.  Making sure that if I posted something on here as my own idea it truly was an original idea, and not "inspired by others".  Now I have a new frame of mind... I'm going to blog what I do, and if I did find inspiration in something then hey I'll share my source.  But if I just came up with it I'm going to tell you that, and if you see it somewhere else, and they did it first OK.  The Bible tells us there is nothing new under the sun anyway so there!  lol

So, with all that said, this is going to be a catch up on my life post.  I am going to be brutally honest and tell you that this summer has been rough on me.  Please keep in mind that I get at least 20 hours a week at my part time (from home) job, am the full time Music Minister and Assistant Pastors wife at our church, and have three GORGEOUS children who light up my life as well as a husband who is a blessing, the love of my life, and perfect for me in every way, but is still a man who enjoys having a clean house, nice smelling laundry, and meals frequently put on the table.

Now for the hectic part of all this...while maintaining all those jobs, Ministries, and duties my summer went something like this.  I spent two weeks in Montgomery at Church Camp with my beautiful family, two weeks working in our fireworks stand full time (with the beginnings of a sinus/ear infection making my life miserable too I might add).

After fireworks we had a very FULL two weeks kicked off by my daughters luau themed joint birthday party the first week (there will be an entire post later on this one), then VBS and several family adventures the second (the ear infection had lessened but was lingering).  After that an extended weekend trip to Chattanooga Tennessee that was so much fun and the kids had a blast!
Well Kent had a mishap going down a slide that resulted in a black eye (only my son could accomplish something like that I do believe!).

Then back for a Momma-Daughter day with my Mom for her Birthday.  Which was exquisitely fun and full of relaxation.

Finally a week spent in bed fighting a phantom illness that knocked me on my tail.  I say phantom because I'm really not sure what I had.  All I know is that I could NOT keep my eyes open.  I am one of those people who sleep their way through sickness and the sleepier I am the sicker I am.  I spent three days sleeping.  I actually tried fighting the sleep the first day (not wanting to admit I was sick of course...who has time to be sick??? not me!!). I couldn't sit, stand, or lie down without my eyes closing and falling instantly asleep though.  I actually asked my husband if he had slipped me some kind of pill!!!  Yah right why would he want a wife who sleeps instead of cleaning and taking care of the kiddos in the summer break to boot!?!?!  He was a trooper though and stepped in to take care of it all and arranged for the kiddos to have some fun time with all their favorite relatives while I convalesced.  Now the sickness didn't have any other symptoms other than weakness dizziness and you guessed it, tiredness.  Finally after three days I started to feel somewhat normal, but it was truly another week before I felt completely like myself again.  Kent evidently caught whatever it was too, but being a kid with tons of energy he only slept most of the days away, not all of them like his Momma, and whined the rest of the time.  Then to wind up the summer in early August I went to a Music Conference with some of my music team to enrich my ministry, and allow me to be a better leader for my Church and Music Department. We had a wonderfully blessed time.

Now I am caught up to last week when my babies started school on a Thursday, and this is their first full week of school (I will be sharing a cute first day idea and their pics in my next post, so be on the lookout).  Finally, today I have been hit again with the same ear & sinus infection that has come and gone all summer long making me very uncomfortable.  I have spent ALL morning laying on the couch with my half my head throbbing, (and of course) sleeping.  After my antibiotics and steroid pack took affect (yes I finally got some) I was thinking about how much I miss blogging, and how even a few of my friends have mentioned that they have missed my creative posts and summarized family updates.  Taking into account my baby girls are back at school and our routines are starting to normalize, I have come to the decision that I can take this time back for myself again.  So, watch out Blog-land HERE I COME!!  I am going to be sharing over the next little while some of the activities, and craftiness that this summer has brought as well as projects I am working on currently.  I hope my followers are still out there and want to rejoin me on my journey of documenting all my insanity and crafty craziness and whatever else I decide to spill cause I'm going to just be relaxed and go with the flow from here on out.

I hope you enjoy going along for the ride as much as I enjoy taking it!

Have a great day and God Bless!!!!
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