Saturday, June 25, 2011

Home Sweet Home and last week's craft idea (catch up post #1)

Well, I just arrived home from a month of on-again off-again church camp in Montgomery.  Whew it is so nice to know I am home for good rather than a few days.  The only blah thought is that the car still has to be unloaded with a months worth of stuff.  ugghhh! 
Anyway I came up with SO many crafty ideas while on my month long-ish trip.  I implemented some which I will be playing catch up in sharing soon, and some I just cant wait to get to work on!!  I will be posting shortly how I made my T-Shirt dresses, Ho-Bo flowers, and twisty flowers.  I also have a few crafty ideas up my sleeve that I just cant wait to get started on.  Beware the crafty is coming out in me and will soon be exploding all over this page!!  In other news I got a new lens for my camera that I am over the moon about!  I also had a BALL taking pictures of my kids this past weekend for fathers day and for KII's second birthday pictures (better late than never! and he finally decided to co-operate!).  I did something cutesy that I stole from a friend of mine that I just HAVE to share with you.  I dressed them up in their dads shirts that suited his hobby's and profession.  Oh I LOVE them and so do many others who have seen them.  They actually turned out so much better than I expected. 
So that is my Craft idea for this past week.  Dress your kiddos up for whatever hobby someone loves (in that someones clothes if you can manage it) and snap a few pics of them doing it or playing with the instruments involved.  For example my kids were dressed in co-ordinating golf shirts that belong to my husband and sat on the floor playing with his golf clubs.  It wouldn't have to be for hubby though, perhaps your mom loves to bake with your children. So you would dress your kids up in an over sized apron put a bowl of flour or something in front of them with pans, rolling pins, measuring cups, or whatever and tell them to have fun.  While they are wrecking havoc and having a ball snap away.  I promise the look of joy on their faces and the cuteness factor will make any baking grandmother long to hang those pictures in her kitchen! 

Here Is one of the "Dressy" Fathers day pics I created.  I left a space in the photograph to add the quote, but you can do it any way you would like.

I would love to hear what you come up with!  Give me a comment!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

the beginning, a very good place to begin

I am the wife of a wonderful man and mother of three crazy, funny, silly, and mischievous children.  That's what makes you Insane you ask? No it is all the other parts of my life in combination with the afore mentioned that occasionally drive me insane. 
I am also Music Minister to the best congregation in the world at Calvary Tabernacle UPC, wife of the Assistant Pastor, part time employee for a medical billing company, and a photographer.   The only thing that steadies my life and gives me the peace and strength to continue is my personal relationship with the Creator of Heaven and Earth, Jesus Christ.  Part of that is that he has allowed crafting to be a stress reliever for me.  I love to craft and create. 
So since I find myself lately more crazy than sane I have decided to dedicate myself to taking a little time each week to create.  What better way to hold myself accountable to this pledge than to publish what I have done each week on a blog.  I am hoping this experience allows me to grow in a new way.  I am already two weeks into this decision so I am going to play catchup and post my two projects on here as one.  Hopefully by June 2012 there will be at least 52 weekly projects. 
Who knows what I will come up with, and I cant wait to find out myself!