Monday, August 29, 2011

where to start?

So,if you are anything like me you have that one room in your home that you just kinda live with it.  It doesn't inspire you, and you just live there you don't exactly love it.  Confession time!  For me its my bedroom!  We moved into this house a year ago and would you believe that the only thing hanging on the wall of my bedroom is the mirror over my dresser?!?!?  I do NOT like my bedroom! it is a place for me to sleep and that's IT.  I spend as little waking time in the room as possible.  Which is pretty sad, especially since the sleeping time I spend there isn't all that great either cause our bed isn't the most comfortable in the world house (I have literally woken up from being so uncomfortable and went to sleep in my old queen bed that my son inherited).  So I am about to embark upon a whole new journey of reclaiming what once used to be my favorite room, my oasis of calm in a crazy noisy house.  I am stumped though.  I am still working on choosing a color palette and style.  So lets put it to a vote and see what you guys think.

White with Yellow & Gray?

Brown & Blues/Turquoise?

Black & White

Or if you have any other idea, chime in, because I am really open to ANY suggestion here as it is pretty much a completely BLANK slate.

I will say the attached Master bath is in chocolate brown and sea foam green (thanks to the sea foam green tile on the walls). So that can be kept in mind, but as you can see I am open to going in a completely different direction than that

My plans for the room are new comforter/bedding (hopefully with a new mattress set!!!), curtains, wall/paint color (currently a drab tan), and accent wall decor.

Please please PLEASE leave me a comment and let me know what you are finding inspiring for room decorations now. 

There is also a very cool giveaway going on over at another blog, that I very much love to read, and it goes right along with this project so go give it a look. Enter the drawing if you are suffering a similar decorating crisis, and leave a comment saying you read about it on my blog please.  You might just help ME win it ;) <------- The give away you want to check out!!!

Thanks...oh and DON'T forget to comment on what you think I should do!!! 

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Its a Cricut Cake wonderful day!!

You may, or may not, know what a Cricut is, and how completely AWESOME they are.  So let me fill you in...they are AWESOME!!!!  (wait didn't I just say that?) Anyway, I just bought one!!!!!  I got an amazing deal on EBay for a Cricut Cake machine that's brand spanking new! 

Here's a picture of what I got by winning the auction:

And this is what all comes with it:

*1 (12 in x 12 in) food-safe cutting mat* EXCLUSIVE! “Cake Basics” cartridge*  1 stainless steel cutting blade* 1 power adapter * 1 cartridge skirt* 1 silicone keypad cover* 1 cartridge port cover* 1 stainless steel blade basket* 1 cleaning brush* User manuals and guides
Images included on the Cake Basics cartridge

I am so excited I have been plum giddy since winning it for a price that is less than a third of what I would pay for one at Hobby Lobby or other suppliers!  Its just AMAZING!!  So I can not wait to get my new toy in and play with it making all kinds of wonderful vinyl cutout letters, cards, monograms, pictures, designs, and yes ICING designs too. 
I will be having so much crafting fun, and you KNOW I will be sharing it ALL with you.  Okay, I guess I can quit rhapsodizing about it and give you some bare facts about it.

This is what it can do:

Cricut Cake is designed to cut frosting sheets, gum paste, and fondant for baked goods, an can also be used to cut cookie dough, cheese, tortillas, modeling chocolate, gum, and various soft candies. This machine will cut through soft food materials. This will require you to experiment to get the right consistency of food and the proper settings on the machine.
It neglected to say, because they don't approve of you doing this, that it can also cut some of the other mediums that the original Cricut Expressions can. I will just have to change out the blade housing to what the Expression uses.  Hurray for me!!
There was mention about food safety concerns when using the Cake to cut non-food mediums on some of the discussion boards.  The concern is about using some papers due to the ingredients found in the papers Since I am using separate blades and cutting mats and thoroughly cleaning my machine I don't think that will be an issue.

I know you are already eager to rush out and get yourself one right...or better yet run over here to my house and start playing around with it too.  Oh I am beyond excited! Now I have to get winning some cartridges to use with it.  Yay more shopping!! 

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Upside Down

For those of you who don't know me, I would like to share something about myself.  I handle projects one of two ways.  Either they are extremely thought out and done WAY in advance (doesn't happen too often) or they are completely last minute (this is pretty much what usually happens), and come with bursts of inspiration.  Those either turn out AWESOME or Ok.

Well last night I had one of those Oh My Goodness moments.  I have known for a week that it was my week to bring a snack representing the "letter of the week" for my daughter's Kindergarten class.  I even thought about it some yesterday, but had no real idea what it was going to be.  Mainly because It was for the letter U.... U!!!!!  I was told cupcakes wouldn't be a good idea because they had been done the week before.  So here I am thinking umbrella's?  Umbrella cookies?  Unicorn horns?  I dunno it was craziness!!!
Finally inspiration struck (at 10pm I might add).  I sent my Hubby to Walmart to get me a roll of premade sugar cookie dough, a bag of M&Ms, and a bag of Chocolate chips. I then began to assemble my epiphany:


This is basically what it consisted of:
Please disregard the stained up and much used cookie sheet...Reynolds Wrap Non-Stick saved my cooking life!!  LOVE this stuff!!
I bake everything on it and I promise no one is paying me anything to say this!
Take dough and roll it to form a ball

Then press one side of the ball into whatever ingredient you choose. 
You already know I am using M&Ms and chocolate chips, but after tasting the delicious results I'm thinking there will have to be more experimentation to see what else will tickle my taste buds.


Next press the cookie ingredient side down onto the cookie sheet making sure that the ingredient is completely covered by plain sugar cookie

Next cook as directed (ummmm put yours the right distance apart on the cookie sheet ok?)
It was 1:30am and all I wanted was to be done with it all sooooooo this is what mine turned out like:
Quick tip...when using the Reynolds Wrap Non-Stick you can slide it right off the cookie sheet and your cookies will cool super fast!

And might I say they were DELISH!!! (no matter the crazy square shape they turned out in)

Oh, and the kids all loved them too <3
I almost forgot, Hubby had this comment " that's sugar cookies with chocolate chips? I think that might be better than regular chocolate chip cookies!"  If you had any idea how much he LOVES chocolate chip cookies you would know that's saying a LOT! <3!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

A Blooming Great Idea!

Ok, well I thinks its a great idea!! This one even impressed my hubby, and that's saying something when he takes notice!!  "What is it?!?!?!" you ask? hang on hang on, I'm getting there! Its simple really, and anyone (I do mean ANYONE) can do this.  Are you ready???

Potting your plants in crazy containers. 
you know things you wouldn't normally stick plants in??? (mind blowing right??)

Recently I purchased some pitiful looking plants from the clearance section at walmart.  I know, why buy those? they are just going to die, like immediately!!... Right???  Well no, maybe not if they are given some TLC. because most of the time the poor little guys have just gotten too big for their little homes, and need a bigger pot (also known as getting root bound).  Anyway, I proceeded to start re-potting.  Then I ran out of pots!  Oh No!! crisis alert!!  I was already in the potting soil up to my elbows, pouring sweat in 98 degree heat, and really wanted to finish up what I had started.  We had just returned from our beach vacation, and there they were, my sweet babies' sand castle buckets sitting out.   So inspiration struck!  I rinsed them out and started potting my plants in them faster than you can say hey diddle diddle the cat and the fiddle! (why you would be saying that while potting plants is beyond me, but you get the drift)  I then went crazy! I grabbed an old canystriped popcorn bucket, to pot one for my old fashioned ice cream table.  Boy, that looked so cute.  Of course I took pictures, cause as I was admiring my handiwork I thought "I can NOT wait to blog about this!!" but I did, wait that is.  Well that's what happens sometimes.  The thrill passes, and you have to wait to get motivated all over again.  Oh, I almost forgot! If you try this for yourself and your containers dont have any drain holes in the bottom of them be sure to hammer a few nails into the bottom for excess water to drain out (dont leave the nails in of course!  you are nailing them in to make the holes, not leave them there!)

So anywho, here are my wonderful slightly good pictures.  Hope you enjoy my inventive pots, as much as I enjoy seeing them dotted around my patio and porch reminding me of a great summer vacation in a truly unique way. 

If you have tried something like this or think its totally nuts, go ahead and leave me a comment telling me about it.  I'm game for your opinion, and welcome any ideas and tips!

Dont look at the actual table as its due a revamp too!

Plants look pretty good alive too now after all that TLC huh?  Gooooo ME!!  lol

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

When is a door not a door?

I finally decided to tackle a project I have been yearning to do for quite a while several weeks now. 

Spray painting glass containers. 

So I pulled these from the vast collection of jars I have in my cabinet

Next I wrapped some cheapo Dollar store twine around them (the key is to get it TIGHT!!)

Next I went to town spray painting them white.  I recommend at least two coats of the paint.   I want to do a variety of other colors but this is what I am sticking with for now. 

After they have dried you simply take off the twine. 

There were a few that turned out solid because I messed up the previous step which I think bears repeating.  make sure the twine is TIGHT!!!

Hope you enjoyed what I have done.  I have to say though that this is not an original idea.  It has been all over Pinterest and there are so many sources I didn't bother to list any of them because I have no clue who the true source is.

These are very beautiful with a bundle of Christmas lights in them, candles, led candles...etc
I plan to try some layered colors, multicolored, monogrammed, and stenciled ones.  There is a lot of room to get creative with these, and I will keep you updated on what I come up with!!

Also, if you didn't get the whole "what is a door when its not a door" subject title the answer is when its ajar.  I know I'm kinda corny, but hey I have to be sometimes to retain my sanity around here :)

By the way I would love it if you left me a comment telling me what you think about this project or what your results are if you decide to try doing it. 

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Wow I was busier than I thought!

It has been a crazy busy creative week but not without its issues!!!  First of all NO HIGH SPEED internet!!! I have felt so smothered by being forced to just use my mobile internet!  That is all over now because our Internet has been fixed!!1  YAAAYYYYY!! 
Okay enough silliness (yah right when is there EVER enough silliness???), I have been very creative, just not in the physical sense.  Lol I have been digitally creative and by actions!  Firstly I had a Wedding to Photograph on Friday (It was gorgeous).  Then Saturday we had some friends over for dinner and afterwards we whipped out the ribbon, and glue gun as well as my sewing machine and some bandannas I had in my stock pile to make some cute stuff for her daughters as well as a bow making lesson.  i love helping my fellow crafty moms out!  Saturday also included starting to create a slide show for an upcoming baby dedication at our church & getting this past Sunday's Bulletin ready for our church.  Lastly I worked on music, music, music!!!  Wow it was a VERY busy two days full of creativity and fun!!

I did have one very exciting thing I wanted to share... I hit a great yard sale on Saturday (my hubby actually turned around and went back to it for me!!) on the way to a birthday party!  I was SO excited with my finds!

I got ALL of this for $13!!!
I saw the chair and HAD to have it!!  I cant wait to refinish it!

Here's up close of the Mirror and Shelf (the Before Shot)
I cant wait to do a complete overhaul on this!!!
I'm thinking chocolate and turquoise for my bedroom...hmmmmm
Maybe just the mirror, I think I will have to find something else for the shelf.  I know Kent's room needs one.  We will just see what happens!

And did you see the BUTTONS???  I LOVE BUTTONS!!
Look at the variety, and SCORE two of the containers are glass!
 which I plan to use in a completely different project!!! Total jackpot!

Did you see the STAR one??!!??
LOVE IT!!!!!!

So I am now set to check about three five different crafts that I have been dying to do off of my list.  I cant wait to show you the "after" pictures on the mirror/shelf combo and the chair!!!  and all the awesome things I am going to do with those buttons!

Friday, August 12, 2011

A link to a cool skirt idea!!

I am so using this to make my girls some cute cute CUTE skirts out of dresses that they have managed to stain the chest area but left the skirt area pristine.  I will have to post pictures after I try it watching! In the meantime...

Have a great time with it!!!

The Heart in it all

Today I was making my family a normal lunch.  Which for us consists of Madeline having Ramen Noodles (her favorite), Kent a hot dog, slice of cheese and chips, and Macey a turkey and cheese sandwich with chips.  Yes, its interesting how we all eat different stuff around here, but hey they were all happy, and I was happy to have happy kids.  And silence reined supreme... for a while little while. During this epically quiet moment, as I constructed myself a sandwich stuffed with tomato, pickle, cheese, and turkey I begin to reminisce.  The reason I love ham/turkey/chicken and cheese sandwiches with all the fixings so much, is that every time I fix or eat a sandwich piled high I picture my Nanna so clearly it almost knocks the breath out of me. 
I have so many fond memories of spending time with her in the kitchen as we made sandwiches so large I couldn't imagine anyone ever being able to fit the entire thing in their mouth.  I loved to sit across from my PaPaw and watch him do just that.  Enjoying every bite until it was nothing but crumbs left on a plate.  He would wash it all down with a drink of Nanna's sweet Texas tea, wipe his hands on the cloth napkin, rise, and kiss my Nanna in thanks as he walked back out the door to work on whatever he had been working on before she called him in to lunch. 
Now, if you sat to eat at my Nanna's table you had a place mat and cloth napkin, because that was how she was raised.  These weren't fancy by any means (those were saved for guests and special meals of course).  The homemade napkins were simple square pieces of fabric hemmed all along the edges, and the same with the place mats which were rectangles hemmed up.  Multiples of  about five different coordinating colors were all kept in the same drawer.  You can take a guess as to whose job it was to set these out at each meal, a ritual I loved to do.  These were things she made herself.  You see, what we call our hobby and crafting she called a way of life.  I loved to hear her stories of the Great Depression and the memories she had of the Second World War.  Believe it or not they rationed CHOCOLATE! (I couldnt even fathom that as a child and as an adult its still hard to believe.)  Because of her experiences as a little girl she sewed.  Not for fun, but because she was taught if it got a hole in it you put a patch in it, and if a button fell off you sewed another in its place.  I learned to sew on buttons from her, and I would help her replace missing buttons on my PaPaw's shirts. 
She created homemade various holiday decorations before it became popular/fashionable to do so.  She loved it.  She wasn't even spectacular at it, but everything she made, was made out of love.  She would measure me to make me dresses, pajamas, and who knows what else.  She made dolls for me from patterns, and I loved them.  She was the typical country sewing Nanna, and was so much fun just to be with. 
So today, my first day back from my family vacation, as I felt my hands itching to blog, and trying to decide what craft to share.  I thought instead I would share my memories of one of the most important women in my life.  I miss her so much, but her love of working with her heart has lived on through me and through my equally crafty (more talented if you ask me) cousin Kayla.  Thank You Nanna!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

It just flew Out the window

So the party?  Well, we didn't have the party.  Macey got sick, and I wasn't sure what was wrong with her.  I was afraid that the strepp throat she had about three weeks ago had relapsed.  Turns out it was a minor virus and after thinking back I realized we had actually all had it, but it was so minor we just didn't realize what it was! So after having a weekend of whiny "I don't feeeeeeellllll good" kids, and not feeling so great myself, we are mostly back to normal.  It hit Macey harder and for longer, but now she is a happy lil monkey bouncing around like she was just storing up all that energy while she was sick. 
Its not very crafty, but I did get something accomplished that I have been wanting to work on for a while. I got my backyard cleaned up from all the NUMEROUS toys and water bottles that were scattered all over it (now I know where all my bottled water has been dissapearing to out of my fridge!).  I bought some plants for my flower beds (I took the easy way out by putting them in pretty pots and setting those in the groomed beds). Also, I broke down and bought a patio furniture set.  I have been wanting one for a while, and my sun room is now graced by a love seat, two chairs, and coffee table set!  Its not the top of the line, in fact its the bottom of the line at walmart, but when you have as many kiddos as I do constantly going through there you don't want too big of an investment.
Well, I will be posting soon the items I have been working on the last little bit. Also I am going to attempt my FIRST tutorial!  I have had some questions about the T-Shirt dresses.  Since the easiest way to explain it is to actually SHOW you what I am doing step by step, I am going to try it.  PRAY! this could be wonderful good, or a complete disaster!

I have to share this: I follow an AWESOME Blog called "Crap I've Made".  She comes up with some of the coolest ideas, and I cant wait to try this week's.  If you like involving your kiddos in crafting with you then you might want to give this one a go.  There are so many possibilities for it.  Many ways you can put your own spin on it. Here's the link if you would like to try it out. 

My kids are going to LOVE doing this with me!