Saturday, August 27, 2011

Upside Down

For those of you who don't know me, I would like to share something about myself.  I handle projects one of two ways.  Either they are extremely thought out and done WAY in advance (doesn't happen too often) or they are completely last minute (this is pretty much what usually happens), and come with bursts of inspiration.  Those either turn out AWESOME or Ok.

Well last night I had one of those Oh My Goodness moments.  I have known for a week that it was my week to bring a snack representing the "letter of the week" for my daughter's Kindergarten class.  I even thought about it some yesterday, but had no real idea what it was going to be.  Mainly because It was for the letter U.... U!!!!!  I was told cupcakes wouldn't be a good idea because they had been done the week before.  So here I am thinking umbrella's?  Umbrella cookies?  Unicorn horns?  I dunno it was craziness!!!
Finally inspiration struck (at 10pm I might add).  I sent my Hubby to Walmart to get me a roll of premade sugar cookie dough, a bag of M&Ms, and a bag of Chocolate chips. I then began to assemble my epiphany:


This is basically what it consisted of:
Please disregard the stained up and much used cookie sheet...Reynolds Wrap Non-Stick saved my cooking life!!  LOVE this stuff!!
I bake everything on it and I promise no one is paying me anything to say this!
Take dough and roll it to form a ball

Then press one side of the ball into whatever ingredient you choose. 
You already know I am using M&Ms and chocolate chips, but after tasting the delicious results I'm thinking there will have to be more experimentation to see what else will tickle my taste buds.


Next press the cookie ingredient side down onto the cookie sheet making sure that the ingredient is completely covered by plain sugar cookie

Next cook as directed (ummmm put yours the right distance apart on the cookie sheet ok?)
It was 1:30am and all I wanted was to be done with it all sooooooo this is what mine turned out like:
Quick tip...when using the Reynolds Wrap Non-Stick you can slide it right off the cookie sheet and your cookies will cool super fast!

And might I say they were DELISH!!! (no matter the crazy square shape they turned out in)

Oh, and the kids all loved them too <3
I almost forgot, Hubby had this comment " that's sugar cookies with chocolate chips? I think that might be better than regular chocolate chip cookies!"  If you had any idea how much he LOVES chocolate chip cookies you would know that's saying a LOT! <3!

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