Wednesday, August 24, 2011

When is a door not a door?

I finally decided to tackle a project I have been yearning to do for quite a while several weeks now. 

Spray painting glass containers. 

So I pulled these from the vast collection of jars I have in my cabinet

Next I wrapped some cheapo Dollar store twine around them (the key is to get it TIGHT!!)

Next I went to town spray painting them white.  I recommend at least two coats of the paint.   I want to do a variety of other colors but this is what I am sticking with for now. 

After they have dried you simply take off the twine. 

There were a few that turned out solid because I messed up the previous step which I think bears repeating.  make sure the twine is TIGHT!!!

Hope you enjoyed what I have done.  I have to say though that this is not an original idea.  It has been all over Pinterest and there are so many sources I didn't bother to list any of them because I have no clue who the true source is.

These are very beautiful with a bundle of Christmas lights in them, candles, led candles...etc
I plan to try some layered colors, multicolored, monogrammed, and stenciled ones.  There is a lot of room to get creative with these, and I will keep you updated on what I come up with!!

Also, if you didn't get the whole "what is a door when its not a door" subject title the answer is when its ajar.  I know I'm kinda corny, but hey I have to be sometimes to retain my sanity around here :)

By the way I would love it if you left me a comment telling me what you think about this project or what your results are if you decide to try doing it. 

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