Thursday, August 25, 2011

A Blooming Great Idea!

Ok, well I thinks its a great idea!! This one even impressed my hubby, and that's saying something when he takes notice!!  "What is it?!?!?!" you ask? hang on hang on, I'm getting there! Its simple really, and anyone (I do mean ANYONE) can do this.  Are you ready???

Potting your plants in crazy containers. 
you know things you wouldn't normally stick plants in??? (mind blowing right??)

Recently I purchased some pitiful looking plants from the clearance section at walmart.  I know, why buy those? they are just going to die, like immediately!!... Right???  Well no, maybe not if they are given some TLC. because most of the time the poor little guys have just gotten too big for their little homes, and need a bigger pot (also known as getting root bound).  Anyway, I proceeded to start re-potting.  Then I ran out of pots!  Oh No!! crisis alert!!  I was already in the potting soil up to my elbows, pouring sweat in 98 degree heat, and really wanted to finish up what I had started.  We had just returned from our beach vacation, and there they were, my sweet babies' sand castle buckets sitting out.   So inspiration struck!  I rinsed them out and started potting my plants in them faster than you can say hey diddle diddle the cat and the fiddle! (why you would be saying that while potting plants is beyond me, but you get the drift)  I then went crazy! I grabbed an old canystriped popcorn bucket, to pot one for my old fashioned ice cream table.  Boy, that looked so cute.  Of course I took pictures, cause as I was admiring my handiwork I thought "I can NOT wait to blog about this!!" but I did, wait that is.  Well that's what happens sometimes.  The thrill passes, and you have to wait to get motivated all over again.  Oh, I almost forgot! If you try this for yourself and your containers dont have any drain holes in the bottom of them be sure to hammer a few nails into the bottom for excess water to drain out (dont leave the nails in of course!  you are nailing them in to make the holes, not leave them there!)

So anywho, here are my wonderful slightly good pictures.  Hope you enjoy my inventive pots, as much as I enjoy seeing them dotted around my patio and porch reminding me of a great summer vacation in a truly unique way. 

If you have tried something like this or think its totally nuts, go ahead and leave me a comment telling me about it.  I'm game for your opinion, and welcome any ideas and tips!

Dont look at the actual table as its due a revamp too!

Plants look pretty good alive too now after all that TLC huh?  Gooooo ME!!  lol

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