Sunday, October 23, 2011

31 Day Challenge: Day 23

Today's Beautiful Moment came tonight as we were on our way home from our evening service.  My eldest daughter was quoting her Sunday School verses to me, and as she finished saying them perfectly I said "Madeline that was perfect!  You are so Awesome!  Did you know that you are completely Awesome?!?!".  Her reply cracked me up "Yes I did.  I have always been Awesome!".  Yes, she has, and I am so glad that she knows it.  It wasn't said in a stuck up way, just matter of factly by someone who knows she is loved and understands that I value her and think she rocks.  It makes me feel as if, maybe I am doing something right as a parent whenever my children display a  positive self esteem and self worth.  There are so many children out there who aren't sure of their value, and even more adults.  I wonder if that parental pride that I feel isn't a little like what God feels when we completely place our trust in Him and say I know its all going to be OK because I am a child of the King.  What a beautiful moment as both a parent and a Child of God.

I hope your Sunday was wonderful and I would love to hear about your beautiful moments!

Have a great day and God Bless!

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  1. Yes I had wonderfull sunday New Zealand team won the world rugby cup and I had friends over .We were all proud and celebrated till late at night.My litlleone was with my parents :)
    Yesthey know they are awesome;))


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