Thursday, October 27, 2011

31 Day Challenge: Day 26

Today's Beautiful moment was laying down with my son to put him to bed.  Playing, giggling, and finally praying with him as he started to fall asleep.  He comes up with some of the funniest things!  His most recent phase is to say "I CAN'T" or "No it aint" (drives me CRAZY! I cant stand the word aint! and we cant figure out where he picked it up).  If you ask him to go somewhere (ie. get in the car or take something to his room) his immediate response is "I Can't!".  My usual reply is "yes you can!" to which he responds "I can't walk".  Meaning: I dont want to do it or I want you to carry me, depending on what he is being asked or told to do.  Puh-leeeese!!!  Lord, this has to end soon! is often my prayer.  Of course, this child has been unlike the other two in every way, and its not just because of his gender either!  So I love my sweet, adorable, lovable, exasperating little boy, and he, along with his sisters, gives me so many beautiful moments.

I hope your day was filled with beautiful moments, and I love to hear about them so drop me a comments!

Have a great day and God Bless!

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