Thursday, October 13, 2011

31 Day Challenge: Day 12

Okay we are just going to pretend that this is actually last night I am making this post and not the nexts morning...Mkaaayyy? K!
So my Beautiful Moment for the 12th day is the fact that I got to go to bed earlier than normal.  I was TIRED. With not just a capitol "T" but the whole stinking word capitolized!  We have a sinus/allergy/cold thing going around our family right now, and it looks like no one is excempt.  So to say I needed rest was an understatement!  So I closed down my computer and crashed early. Completely forgetting my 31 Days post, but hey thats what made the moment beautiful. Completely putting everything aside to embrace sweet sleep! Beautiful


  1. I was tired last three days..although I did not do anything(not quite true) but running after 7 and 2 year old...whole daaaay;))

  2. I wouldhave say chasing two kids around all day IS doing something!!!! Lol


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