Monday, October 3, 2011

Finally covered the mess

I finally covered the mess that was my stool seats!  It was so awesome and every time I look at them I feel giddy!  I love when things are pretty and all matchy matchy but not identical.  I know that may seem like a oxymoron, but its not.  Just keep reading and you will see what I mean.

I took my bar stools that were UGLY and STAINED (I do have three little kids you know who LOVE to eat messily at our bar) cushions and did a quick fix on them.
I love the result for so many reasons:
1: how they make me feel when I look at them
2: how easy it was to do
3: the fact that they aren't permanent and can be changed out...whenever
4: they add a pop of color to my brown stools
5: I LOVE how they make me feel when I look at them!

So I can hear you yelling at your screen "Shut up and Show them ALREADY!!"  so here is a picture of the before:

See all the nasty stains and just general toddler induced grossness? Yah the two main stains are ketchup and grape jelly. So, a little piece of fabric, a staple gun, some pulling and tugging and you wind up with the after:

Then I got so happy with the results of the two stools that I decided to tackle the antique high chair my Papaw bought me when I was a little girl.  My Mom made a seat for it, and covered it when I was about 4.  That was the seat it still had.  Problem was that the padding had shifted and the nails that were used to attach the piece of wood that was the base of the seat to the chair were starting to poke through the cushioning.  Making this a VERY uncomfortable seat for anyone weighing more than about 50lb.  So while my kids love to sit on it, I couldn't without getting a painful reminder of how long ago it had been upholstered!
Here's the before:
and after:

(That little piece jutting out in the front is not excess material tucked badly.  Its actually how the board under the stuffing is cut, and it was a weird fit...oh well this was done in 5 min 9company was on the way over) so you take what you get.  Not to mention that when I uncovered the board I found it was a relic from years past that my mom had re-purposed for the seat.  Since there was sentimental value I just couldn't bear to throw it out and find something different)

Then there are the two stools that I purchased off of craigslist.  They were a bargain, but were a dark DARK wood.  They completely clashed with all the light wood in my kitchen and breakfast nook area.  So they were given a coat of white spray paint with a coat of sealer to give a little sheen and protection.  I did have "before" pictures, but I'm not sure what happened to So here are the after shots:


I am completely happy with how they have turned out! 

All the stools at my bar: (one of them is holding my printer which will soon change as soon as I finish another project which will be featured soon)

Let me know what you think!!  I absolutely LOVE them!!!! I love how they all "match" but are all different too.  I hope you like them as well.  Now that I have a project under my belt like this the next time I do this I will do a tutorial style post detailing exactly just how it was accomplished, but this being my first time I didn't think the mess effort deserved a tutorial...unless it was a tutorial in what NOT to do.  Oh well... 

Leave me a comment if you have any tips or tricks for doing something like this.  I would LOVE to read them. If you have no advice and just want to comment on what you think, well that's okay too!  I love feedback!

Have a great day and God bless!

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