Saturday, October 15, 2011

31 Day Challenge: Day 14

Today's Beautiful Moment was going out to dinner ALONE with my husband, and then talking him into taking me to shop at Hobby Lobby where I bought FABRIC!!!  I cant wait to get to work on three of the  3 million projects on my to do list...of which about one million are in the half way state of being completed. Dear Lord, Please  help me start a project, and stick to it until its completed before moving on to another one!!!  Okay I think that might just be every crafting person and bloggers prayer!!!  am I right?? Oh, I think I am!!!

Then on top of dinner we had a crisis that resulted in an AWESOMELY majorly relieved beautiful moment.  I ummmm, kinda lost my Paypal credit card tonight...yeeeaaahhh.  NOT GOOD!!!  See, after I paid for dinner I thought I stuck it in my purse.  Well, somehow it got on my lap, and when I got out at Hobby Lobby it hit the ground.  I didn't realize it was missing until we got across town to the Krispy Kreme (don't judge me my diet starts Nov. 1st sharp...hey who knows I may do a daily/semi-daily on the progress of that next).  Anyway, long story short we went back to the restaurant looked around the parking lot and inside.  Then drove back to Hobby Lobby, and as we pull through the empty parking lot (we closed the joint down...yeah we be baaaddd like I see a little square glinting in the light of our headlights where we had parked earlier.  So prayers of thanksgiving went up!!!  After all the prayers of supplication that had went up earlier I hope the thanksgiving ones were sufficient!!!  Thank You JESUS!!  I have my card back and all is well with me!

Hope you had a wonderful day/night full of beautiful moments!  Oh wait I forgot one...

Tonight my sweet little buddy was sitting in my lap facing me watching a Sesame Street YouTube video on my phone, and I leaned forward and kissed his sweet forehead a couple of times.  He looked up at me so seriously and said "Mommy STOP, you mess my hair up!"    I about fell off my chair, I laughed so hard!!  first of all the child has SUPER short hair that I keep cut regularly, and secondly it was 1am!!!  Why is he worried about his hair when I'm trying to talk him into going to bed???? Okay, and third he is TWO...when did he start worrying about his hair?!?!?!?  Kids are SO much fun!!  and they come up with the funniest, cutest things!

Okay, I really am done now...I think....hmmmmm.. hang on...yep, that's it!

Tell me about your beautiful moments from today!  You know I love to hear about them!!

Have a great day and God bless!!!

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  1. We love our kids to bits but everyoen need alone time ezpecially parents.I am lucky my parents live about 2 km away (my first neighbours) and most weekends my daughter spends there;) Have a lovely time;)


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