Saturday, October 15, 2011

Its A Frame Up

This is an update on some projects I have recently completed....

Do you remember this picture from a while back?

It was of a wonderful yard sale find...LOVED it!  Hubby, not so much.  He cant really see potential...he sees what it is right in front of him.  He's kinda literal that way. Anyway, I got to work on them.  I wanted subtle so I went with white, and this is the result.

That's not a great picture and, just a warning, the rest aren't that great  I spray painted both the mirror and shelf a matte white.  Then I went back and touched up the beaded edging on the mirror with a glossy white craft paint.  It looks great in my bathroom!  and I love it!!! (you really cant see the glossy part in this poorly lit picture...sorry)
(yes those are my red no sew curtains I made about a year ago...still going strong!!  Goooooo Glue Gun!!!)

Next is a combo picture featuring the shelf that I left matte white, and a lovely gold gaudy mirror I had from way back when.  I love the details on the frame, but I wasn't too crazy about the gold color anymore.  
(Yes, I realize this is horribly poorly lit, and slightly a lot off center, and I fixed it immediately after snapping it.  But, oh well, that's how it is in the picture.  Maybeeeee I did it just to drive all you picture and mirror perfectionists out there, like me, crazy! Mwaahahaha)

To get this look, I first painted it white.  Then I rubbed a wax candle over the edges of the frame, the corner detailing, and some of the beaded area.  Next I spray painted it red, and let that almost dry completely  (drier than tacky on the non waxed areas, and still very tacky on they waxed ares). Finally I took an old towel and started rubbing at the paint where I had ran the wax over it.  The red paint came off like a dream and left white areas.  BONUS: some of the white even came off where I rubbed super hard, and now some of the gold glints through too.  

I love the layered shabby chic look of it.  It fits my shabby chic red and white charmer of a bathroom to perfection.  I am in LOVE with the results!

So, those are a few of the projects I have completed recently, and there are SO many more to go!! 

I hope you try the whole candle wax trick and let me know how it comes out for you.  Worked like a charm for me!  Tell me what you think about the results and what you might have tried differently.  You know I love to hear your ideas.

Have a great day and God bless!

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  1. It is nice when you are creative to make all these beautiful things;)


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