Monday, October 10, 2011

31 Day Challenge: Day 9

this is NOT that great of an uplifting or inspiring post...more like a blah kinda post

Something Beautiful, something beautiful, hmmmmmmmm reality has been a looong tiring day.  Yes lots of beautiful things happened and yes, I did notice them.  We had two awesome church services today.  There were several who were blessed and blessing are some of the most beautiful moments to experience.  Lives were changed today during service.  The music department did a wonderful job (everyone makes my job easy peezy!) and the choir did awesome tonight!! My kids were well behaved aside from a cranky sicky li'l baby boy.  Now that i mention that I think I know why even with all these awesome events that happened today, I still am not feeling all that inspired.  I feel bbbllleeeecccchhhhh yes BLECH!  as in I completely lost my voice singing tonight, I have been sniffling, coughing, and feeling SO congested in my chest. Now that I have figured out my problem I know what my beautiful moment is for today...the moment of BEDTIME!  :)  I pray you had a wonderful and inspiring day of worship filled with the blessings of the Lord like my church family and I did.  That is complete beauty, but now I think I am going to enjoy my final beautiful moment of the day....bedtime!

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