Saturday, October 15, 2011

A New Button

So if you have ever wondered how blogs get those cute little buttons I will let you in on the secret....they go read "Blogging with Amy"  to see how its done.  At least that's what I did! She is sooooo easy to follow! and understandable??? Talk about!  Anyway if you have a blog you reeeaaally should have one of these for other bloggers to put in their sidebar when they fall in love with reading your blog.  I have a few of my favorite bloggers in my sidebar...see???----------------------------->

So here are my two newest Buttons:

They weren't that difficult to make and I LOVE how they came out.... aren't your fingers just itching to click them???  Good that was my intended response!

Oh, and yes that is a button for a Link Party.  No, I am not currently hosting one, but I will be...this is a hint of what is soon to come ;)

Hope you had a great day and I cant wait to see all your buttons!  If you have any blogging advice drop it my way.  I love hearing all your ideas!

Have a great day and God bless!!!


  1. I have to say that since I joined new outlook from Blogger not taht I do not have anything on my blog but my blogs but also do not know where all the stuff went:))my foloowers ,my awards..all gone;)

  2. that stinks!!! Yah I went to your blog and tried to follow you, but couldn't find where to follow at! I hope you are able to figure it out soon, or they fix it. One way or the other its not right that just when you get used to one way they go and change it on you!


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