Saturday, October 15, 2011

31 Day Challenge: Day 15

Today's Beautiful Moment has been happening all day and is just about over with.  I have completely cleaned out my sons closet and chest of drawers!  His closet is practically empty (compared to how it looked before), and I think at least one of his drawers is completely empty!  I am taking a rest in the process of bagging everything up to take to my SIL house for my nephew to wear this winter and next spring.  So the first Beautiful moment is the feeling of accomplishment I have right now!

Second is my sweet sweet SWEET hubby stopped by the house on the way to his Nanny and Pawpaws, to watch Alabama (Roll Tide!) beat whoever it is they are playing today, to pick up my son.  His sisters are already gone to our aunts house.  Which means I am completely 100% alone!!!  you hear that?  its nothing...NOTHING!!! so silent I can hear the sound of my key's as I push them on the keyboard!!

So it is now time to bring this appreciation of today's beautiful moments to a close. I still have a lot more work to do yet, and a few places I have to run to.  So I hope you had a few beautiful moments today!!  God bless!!!

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  1. I have a little workman;s cotatge and so to stay sane i have to force myself to kepp everything in place,Gald you reched that acomplishment;)


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