Tuesday, October 11, 2011

31 Day Challenge: day 10

Today's "Beautiful Moment" was a moment of absolute almost silence.  Seriously, it was so very quiet, all I could here was a tv quietly playing, and the lady doing my nails breathing.  LOL I had 30 min to relax this afternoon while being pampered for my birthday!  I know my birthday was a month ago, but hey sometimes it takes a while to collect on all the gifts!  I still have a gift certificate for a massage that I have yet to schedule, but I'm thinking that it might not be too much longer before I indulge in that gift as well.  Anyway back to the very quiet and relaxed moment I experienced today. It was just me and the manicurist and the afore mentioned quietly playing tv.  No kids or hubby (who were all at home eating the dinner I made sure was ready before I deserted them).  I must tell you I almost fell asleep, that manicure felt so relaxing.  Wow it was a great time, and I have pretty nails now too!!!

Its not a great picture, its just a cell phone pic, but you can see they are all pretty and cut evenly.  All that wonderful manicure induced stuff having to do with cuticles and nail beds etc.  

So that was today's "Beautiful Moment"..me all alone with a manicurist :) 

Hope you had a great day, and when you look back over it you have those moments that make you say ahhh that was just beautiful! 

Have a great day and God bless!

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  1. So glad you got some quiet, relaxing, self time! It's definitely needed! Happy belated birthday! I hope the remainder of your day is equally as restful and enjoyable!


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