Monday, October 31, 2011

31 Day Challenge: Day 30

Today was a lovely day filled with wonderful blessings and friends from years gone by (notice I called none of you old!).  I was able to visit both my former home churches for service today. 

First I had a wonderful time of fellowship with the church I started attending at the age of 12 after we moved to Kirbyville.  I was able to hug so many familiar necks and share stories and memories with loved ones.  To see children who are kids no more.  Children I once taught in Sunday-School are now older than me!  They made me feel OLD!

Then tonight I went back to my roots.  To the church of my heritage.  The church I have my first spiritual memories of, and where my Grandfather who was an awesome and mighty man of God pastored.  It is the church where my personal relationship with God began, Where I was baptised in the precious name of Jesus, and received the Holy Ghost.  I have so many memories of that place along with the building itself.  DO you know I dream of it?  Crazy that something that was a part of my life so long ago regularly is part of my night times now.  Anyway I think I have sufficiently expressed the importance of the people and the facilities as well as the Spirit of God that I always feel when I am there in my life.  So it is no wonder that being in service with them tonight was absolutely beautiful.

Nothing is more beautiful to me that worshiping my Savior with beloved family and friends. 
On that note for those of you who are reading and are believers, I am asking you to pray for a childhood friend of mine.  She is my age (32) and is facing surgery on what the doctors call cancer.  We are claiming her healing and she refuses to accept the diagnosis of cancer, but should they find any evidence of it when they take her into surgery tomorrow there will be 5 hours of surgery to completely remove the tumor from her neck and facial nerve, and then another 5 hours of surgery to reconstruct her jaw, teeth, nerves, and side of her face.  A grand total of 10 hours of surgery after which she will be placed immediately into ICU for a few days before going to a private room.  I am asking for you to pray that when they make the first incision it is only to find that there is nothing there and that our healer has already taken care of the problem.  We serve a mighty God and I know He is well able.  Please hold Alayna up tomorrow.  As well as her family (a sweet husband and two beautiful girls), and the physicians performing whatever procedures are necessary.

So many beautiful and nostalgic moments the past few days with today as the icing on the cake in what has truly been a walk down memory lane.

I hope your Sunday was wonderful, beautiful, and blessed.

Have a great day & God Bless!

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