Saturday, September 17, 2011

Wreath Love

I have been feeling so neglectful of my craft time, and of my blog this week!  The photography and music sides of my life have been getting a heaping portion of my time.  I know that's still using my creative talents, but its just not the same as creating something tangible.  I like to see my work setting on the shelf, hanging on the door, or myself or my kiddos wearing it.  It just feels so good in an elemental way to say WOW, I made that! (and probably saved a buck or two too!)

So I went into a crafty place yesterday where I just started creating like crazy.  A couple of things were finished, and a few more are now in a holding pattern.  Here is my absolute favorite thing that I made.  So favorite that I refused to go to bed until it was finished.  I LURVE IT!!!!!!

Enough of the teasing lets get to it...

I have been lusting after the square wreathes I have seen on Pinterst like these:

This one is from a blog that I LOVE

Found using google

Then there are the wonderfully warm and cozy looking yarn wreaths that I cant seem to get enough of

Like this one from a now closed (I'm assuming since the link no longer works) Etsy shop:

But I had not seen ANY square completely wrapped in yarn wreathes.  I did see this half yarn frame wreath from This Blog and totally love it, but was looking for more coverage  

So I went to work gathering all my supplies:
A frame ($1 thrift store find, Holla!!)
Hot glue gun and glue
Wooden letter

I began by painting my raw wood frame white.  There really isn't a good reason for this other than the fact if it showed through at all I wanted it to have a finished, not raw look.

Next I figured out where on the wreath I wanted which colors.  The orange seemed the loudest color so I chose to put it on the smallest sides.  Next I started the wrapping process by gluing one end on the back side of the frame.

Then I wrapped and wrapped and WRAPPED.  Now on the first side I made my first mistake...I thought it needed to be wrapped tightly...ummm NO.  If you decide to make one of these please don't try to wrap tightly.  Snug is best and then go back flatten the pieces and arrange them putting a dot of glue here and there to keep them where you ultimately want them. See if you can figure out which side I did tight and which side was just snug

That's right, the tight side is on the right!  UGGHHHHH!! The fibers of the yarn were pulled so tight that, while at first glance, it looked like I was covering the side well, I really wasn't.  I had to do a little more arranging and gluing in place of the yarn after seeing the few gaps on the other sides, but that was easy peezy compared to all the arranging I had to do to fix the side that I messed up on. 

See what I had to do to make the tight side look good? I pushed the yarn up and down making a space that I could cover two different ways. 
1: wrap more yarn on it or 
2: cover it with one of the embellishments I already planned on putting on the wreath

Ummmmm I went with number 2! 

Finally I had the yarn pretty much how I wanted it, the "R" wrapped in the multi-brown yarns and, the felt flowers made.  I tried a few different arrangements until I was happy with the placement and color combinations.

I started gluing like crazy and this is the final product hanging on my door.

Did I mention how much I love it??  I did?  well let me say it again... I LOVE IT!!!  and fall is starting to show up in my decorations finally.  I love Fall and can't wait for my entire house, not just my front door, to reflect the season.

Leave me a comment letting me know what you think.  Is there anything you would have done differently?  I love hearing new ideas!

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  1. I love it too!! I have a square frame waiting to be fall-ified!! This is great inspiration!! My fav part is the "R"!!!

    Thanks for linking up to Show & Share!!

  2. Super cute! I like this idea for something different.Thanks for joining the party! Kristen

  3. Thanks Sandy! & Thanks Kristen! So glad to join the parties. this was my first time to try Link Parties. I am really enjoying it!

  4. Very cute! I love yarn crafts!

  5. This is a cute and unique take on the square wreath idea. Love it. And I really appreciate you showing the step by step...and what not to do.

    I'm your newest follower; found you via Debbie.

  6. Your frames are beautiful! Thanks for sharing for those of us who need an "inspirational" push for ideas. Keep on crating!

    Theresa Rodgers

  7. HOW did YOU MAKE THE felt flowers? I love this, but was wondering how to use the fel Thank you! :)


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