Thursday, September 22, 2011

Yep, its a Bloomin' Tutorial

This is a tutorial on how to make the felt flowers that were part of my Square Fall Yarn Wreath from last week.   While they neglected to comment on my blog, I had a few friends come to me wanting to know how I made my flowers.  I asked them if they had checked out any of the one MILLION tutorials in the blogasphere for felt flowers.  Ummm... NO, they hadn't, and just wanted me to spill.  Well I have to admit that I really haven't seen any tutorials that show how to do them the way that I made mine.  So I figured I would make it one million and ONE!

First I cut out 9 circles about 3 inches in diameter (across, for you non-mathy folks) of each color felt

Next I folded each circle in half

Then I fold half back over diagonally then the other half you fold the other direction to form an "S"

At this point you insert a straight pin through it above where your fingers are to hold it in the "S" pattern.  Also this is pretty much the same way you start a lot of the other felt flowers.  Now we get to where my flower differs from the other tutorials I have seen. The way you put it together...

Most tutorials say to glue them flat where you can (for lack of a better explanation) read the "S" but I glue mine on their side so it looks a little like waves or the edge of a pie crust. Oh & 
(you can see some of my straight pins sticking through my pieces)

After you get these 7 pieces glued down you put a HUGE gob of glue in the center and put the remaining two pieces with the pinched in going straight down into the glue.  If you look at it from above you should be able to "read" the two "S's" & DON'T REMOVE THE PINS YET!!
I folded it back so you can see how I attached the center two pieces in the gob of glue

now the last step is to wait until all the glue is completely dry then remove the pins and start to gently pull apart the "S" shapes.  Some will fold back into the "S", some will be fonkey wide, and some will do what you want.  Which is to crinkle up into multiple smaller folds.

If you want a tighter, crinkly flower use the 9 pieces I stated, but if you like the looks of the looser tan flower only use 7 pieces (5 around and still 2 in the middle) Either way they still are AWESOME!!  The great thing about these is that they are useful for all sorts of things like hair flowers, pillows, clothes, purses... the list is really endless, and they were a blast to make!!! Hope you try it out and have as much fun as I did, and be sure to leave me a comment telling me what you think and if you did try it!  

Have a great day and God bless!

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