Sunday, September 4, 2011

Bows coming out of my EARS!!

Hello my name is Chantelle and I am a Bow-a-holic.

Or rather, I love for my daughters to have every outfit topped off with a complimentary bow.  Since my girls have 1500 outfits each that means 1500 bows each for a grand total of 3000 bows (okay there is some slight exaggeration going on , but that is a close number).  I first tried an AWESOME idea that a friend of mine had come up with to re-purpose one of my husbands ugly old ties and clip them to either side.  It worked great until I ran out of room and had to start a second tie.  Then I had bows that had lost their clips (I could still use them by sticking a hairpin through them) but no where to put them or way to attach them when they weren't being pinned into their hair or until I could re-attach a clip to them.  Or bows would get knocked off onto the floor and forever jumbled with their shoes (the ties were hung in their closets).

OH the frustration of getting two girls dressed for school and not being able to track down a bow that they had worn just three days before because they didn't put it back on their bow tie. 

Enter a quick shopping trip to my local Dollar General where, SCORE, I bought this garbage can for $1.50!!

As you can see its hot pink which perfectly matches my girls crazy room and will perfectly match what I am slowly trying to remodel their room into

You know something like this:

Anyway that is for a different post altogether.  Back to the mess of bows. This is about a 1/3rd of the bows:

So We started clipping all those bows onto the mesh. 

As you can see in the picture above the clips that have the pinchy release clasps (yes that is the technical name for them) and any barrette style we did clipped on the very top lip of the Bow-Can.  Simply because we were able to close the clips that way and they would stay attached.

And we clipped more

My daughter LOVED this project and I let her do the majority of the clipping.  Cause, hey why not, its keeping her happy and entertained! 

On top of that when we finished that 1/3rd she went in search of the other 2/3rds.  So we had a MAJOR hair bow round up in our house today with awesome results. 

Here's a close up of what the inside looks like with the bows clipped on.  The Bow-Can, as its now known, has most of the bows attached in an easy to see way and the ones that didn't have clips are inside rather than clipped to the outside.

The Bow-Can is sitting prettily on the top of their dresser and now, I can find the bow we need for the current outfit at a glance and a twirl of the Bow-Can.  I am considering turning it upside down, and putting it on a tall candle holder or de-commissioned lamp from the thrift store.  Making it look more like a bow light shade.  I would lose the storage capacity of the can, but it might be worth it for the cuteness factor.  Oh well, we shall see what I can come up with.

Hope you find something ordinary to re-purpose, and turn into an extraordinarily useful of beautiful part of your life.  Leave me a comment letting me know how your projects are turning out, or your thoughts and ideas on this one.  I would love to hear from you and will respond.

Have a great and Blessed day today!

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