Sunday, September 18, 2011

It stinks, so clean it for cheap!

A while back I ventured into the realm of homemade products that I would normally just buy.  I made my own diaper wipes.  I was very sceptical at first, but have become a true believer after having tried them out.  For my first try I followed the tutorial found here:

But there were several things I didn't like about it.  The wipes seemed to dry out too quick for me and they weren't as softening as I would have liked.  It seemed like the scent really just wasn't strong enough, and they weren't big enough to suit my taste.  So I made up my own recipe that I am going to share today.

You will need:
1.) boiled water (I skipped this step the first time and just used plain ole tap water...ummm take the five min to boil a pot of water It makes a difference!)
2.) your favorite baby soap (tear free)
3.) baby oil
4.) strong cloth-like paper towels like Viva or Bounty that wont shred or disintegrate when wet
5.) air tight leak proof container on the largish side
6.) zip-lock baggie, quart sized (if doing the purse pack)
7.)serrated knife
8.) measuring cups and spoons

Okay once you have all of your materials assembled lets get going.

(yes I am using an old cookie dough plastic container...hey I like to re-purpose and at home I am the only one who will see it.  Plus my kids think its cool that wipes come from the cookie jug lol)
First you will cut your paper towel roll with the serrated knife.  The first time I made these I cut it exactly in half as the other tutorial suggested, but I found that to be too small when wiping mess from my two year old's hiney.  So I cut this one at two thirds.

Once its cut you will need to remove the cardboard from the center.  If you decide to make a small purse pack like I did then take it from both sides.  If not then just the side you are going to use. Then set aside.

Now its time to make the solution. 
You will add 4-4 1/2 cups boiling water to you air tight container if doing the purse pack and the larger side too, or just add 3 if only doing the larger side .  You can wait for it to cool if you like (I didn't let mine cool enough and I regretted it in a couple of steps).

Then you add 3 1/2Tbsp baby soap to the water if doing the whole roll (purse pack too).  If only doing the bigger side just add 2 1/2Tbsp. Swish it around good, but don't let it froth and bubble up.
Then add 4Tbsp of baby oil for the whole roll (purse pack too), and 3Tbsp for just the larger side, and swish around again.

That's all there is to the solution.  Yes, really!!  Wasn't that easy?!?!?!

Okay now for the more hands on difficult part (not really I just like to keep it thrilling and interesting)

***Skip this step if you are not doing the whole roll/purse pack****
Take the small one third roll and drop it in the mixture, and pretty quickly lift it out.  Then squeeze the excess solution from that small roll back into the large tub of solution, and put it in the empty water pan or empty dish to set. Make sure the entire roll is wet all the way through though. (this is where the too hot water gave me problems.  I may or may not have scalded my hands a little squeezing VERY hot water from this)

Next set the big roll in the container and leave it.

***Don't read if you aren't doing the purse pack...that's right, it's NOT ALLOWED, and privileged info for purse pack users ONLY***
If you did the purse pack then during this soaking time period, if by some chance your water was say too hot for you to get much water out of the smaller roll after soaking it, you would want to re-squeeze that roll so the water will run over the now soaking big roll.  Go ahead and see if any water has seeped out even if your water wasn't too hot, because it may need to be squeezed again anyway.

Okay after about a min or two look, as best you can without lifting the roll from the container, to see if most if not all of the Solution mixture has been soaked up(it should be). If so, then put the lit on the container and flip it upside down for 10 min.  This is where the air tight and spill proof part comes in (just in case you were wondering if that was for a purpose other than in case they mysteriously fell off a table after a two year old had been playing suspiciously nearby).

****Don't read if you are only doing the big roll****
While this is setting, take your smallerr roll and put it in a nice zip lock baggie.  If you have something different you think would work better than a baggie, then by all means feel free to use it. Oh let me know what it is too please ;) I love hearing about your ideas!!  This is just what I came up with and it is working wonderfully for me.

Finally, when the 10 min are up, flip the container right side up.  Start your wipe roll from the center like those cleaning wipes you buy in canisters from the store, and you will be done.  DONE just that quick!!

And ENJOY a clean happy soft tush on your baby. 

****Purse Pack readers ONLY****
Three days later, I am absolutely loving my purse pack!!  It is the cold and allergy season here in N.Alabama and my runny nosed little boy has been wiped with these all day!  They are working so much better than tissues!  Because I squeezed a lot of the water out, and they aren't wringing wet, they aren't too wet to wipe away snot.  The baby oil is soft and gentle keeping his much wiped nose from chapping and turning red, while the soap cleans easily.  They also easily removed stickiness from his fingers after Sunday School treats too because thay aren't completely dry either.  So this is totally a WIN /WIN!!   

As always, I hope you enjoyed my ideas and creative twist on things.  Please let me know what you think in the comments section.  I love to hear from you!

If you have any ideas about how I could improve or change up this project or how it would work better for you by all means tell me all about it!  I look forward to reading your ideas and comments!

Have a great day and God Bless!


  1. I saw the post that inspired you for this on Pinterest. (I love Pinterest!) Anyway, I really like that you make a purse version too. What a fantastic idea. I am sitting here waiting for my water to cool as I type this actually and wishing I had read your post before I bought my smaller container. Looks like I will have to see how I like the 1/2 roll size for now, then, possibly find a bigger container. I might also do Dr Bonners next time and olive oil so it's more organic. I am just starting to get into all this and wish I had done more when I had my, now, 2 1/2 year old. I watched a tutorial on cloth diapering today, still not totally sold on it. Seems like a lot of water to waste but I might look into it for the potty training at night for my toddler. Any thoughts? Also, if you are interested in new cool products, check out my site at We have invented a solution for those annoying infant car seat straps ;0) Let me know what you think. Ok nuff said, have a great weekend and God Bless!

  2. Hi there! I checked out your product and it looks great! I "liked" your FaceBook page as well. I hope your wipes turn out too. My husband doesn't like how wet this batch was, but frankly I do :) mainly because they WILL slowly dry out over time, and for now the extra wetness helps really wash away the messy stuff. As to the cloth diapers...I was never brave enough, but I would love to hear about it if you try them!

  3. These are SO awesome!! We will be featuring this TOO on our blog Friday! You rock our socks off!! Thanks for sharing and linking up!

  4. this is awesome! thanks for sharing!


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