Monday, September 12, 2011

How to comment on a post tutorial

Okay there have been several family members and friends who have messaged me, spoke to me, FBooked me all saying that they don't know how/cant comment on this blog.  So, since I do love to see comments, I thought I would do a quick tutorial.  Here we go.

At the bottom of this post you are going to see

"Comments 0"

click on the word "comments" and it will open the box up to type your comment, unless someone has commented before you then it will already be open.

Next type your comment into the opened box.

Choose your profile.  There are several options even anonymous.  If you do end up choosing the anonymous option please include your name in the comment so I will know who to thank and respond to! 

Then click on the "Post Comment" button and you will see a captcha. Type the correct matching sequence and your comment will post.

I hope this helps.  I did have screen shots of the process to include, but for some reason this isn't letting me add them tonight. I will get back on in the morning and update this post with the pictures.  Maybe after I get some sleep I will be able to figure out the problem.

So now that I have walked you through this I had better see a few comments!!! lol
If you do still have questions email me or something, and we will figure out why hates you. heh heh heh.

Now leave a comment, you kinda have no choice since I just told you how its done... mwaahahahaha (I love the evil laugh!!!)

*Pictures added 9-12-2011


I love your comments so keep them coming!!!