Monday, September 23, 2013

It's Been So Loooooonnnggg

Seriously!  Its been like Forever since I posted!!  Okay, almost a year, but that feels like forever.  I kind of dropped off the Blog-o-sphere completely.  One day I was spending a ton of time reading blogs, writing posts, planning posts, doing posts, then life happened.  I dont even remember exactly what it was, but all of a sudden blogging went from being one of the balls I routinely juggled and LOVED throwing around to being out of the picture altogether.  Would you believe that I have been even more creative than ever?!?! I have been baking, cooking, crafting and sewing up a storm in the past year, and with every project I have thought hmmm I really should take a picture of this and blog about it.  Then something distracts me and away I go onto another scheme.  Well, after a long, exasperating, and tiring day I pulled up my blog and fell in love with it all over again!  I am back!! But, I have to say, probably not with a vengeance.  My life is starting to get on an even keel with work (they increased my hours), kids (they are ALL 3 in school now. Woohoo!), and with my obligations as a Ministers Wife and Music Minister (always unpredictable, but that's the fun and glory in it right?!?).  So I thought I would put my toe back in the shallow blogging pool with this post, and tell you about my day... I woke up this morning and got the kids ready for school and out the door. Then I laid back down (I was sick), woke up later and ate some yummy cereal.  Then, after almost putting the cereal in the refridgerator instead of the pantry, I went to work.  Clocked out later and went to pick up the girls from school.  After returning home my youngust locked my keys and purse (in which were my spare keys) inside of the vehicle.  Subsequently I had a melt down and called my hubby.  My sweet sweet hubby came home after working and opened my car with a wedge of wood and wire coat hanger (he's my hero!).  He left to drop off a vehical to a friend that he had worked on, and I left to pick him up.  Then we went to the church and I played around on the keyboard while I waited for him to finish teaching drum lessons.  Then we came home to feed the kids dinner at which my son spilled chocolate milk all over Hubby and himself.  So into the bath went the boy, and I shampooed the rug that milk spilled on that had JUST been shampooed 2 days ago.  Then I washed the two daughters hair after they bathed themselves (I am extremely picky about the soap being properly rinsed from their long hair). Later this evening we entertained my FIL who stopped by to visit, and sent the children to bed after they had given and recieved lots of love from Mommy Daddy and Pappy.  Finally alone in the quiet sleepy house I sat down and relaxed with my blog.
Whew It has been a very eventful day for my family!
Hope you had a great day and thanks for letting me unload.  I cant wait to (slowly) wade back into the blogging pool.  Thanks for your patience and all the support I have had during my hiatus! I love you blogging world!!
God Bless and I hope you had a wonderful day!

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Friday, November 16, 2012

I'm Thankful 2012: Day 15

Today I am thankful for my job. I actually really enjoy my work. Especially since I get to do it from home.  I did recently apply for an office position (benefits baby!!), but I fully intend to keep my part time job too if I can juggle the work.  Anyway, I love the money and the work, so I think that's pretty awesome!  I am blessed in this area!!

Have a great day & God Bless!!

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I'm Thankful 2012: Day 14

This is going to sound crazy but I am thankful for thankfulness.  I guess i should say for the spirit of giving thanks and what being grateful and thankful can do for my spirit and attitude.  It is amazing how your perspective on life can change when you are looking for something to be thankful for.  You start realizing the many blessing you have, and while life isn't perfect, its far from being bad. It makes for a happier day and life and for better relationships and interactions with others.  
There is a trend on FaceBook right now to do what I am attempting to do here on my blog.  That is to post every day about something you are grateful for. Now its done on a much smaller scale since its a FaceBook post, but still its a moment of gratefulness everyday.  All of a sudden I am noticing those who are giving thanks have started smiling more when I see them out and about. They have a more positive attitude in their other postings on FaceBook as well.  There is an overall happier attitude and look about them.  Its amazing the transformation that has taken place in some.  I am loving all the thankfulness that's going on!!  Its biblical as was preached tonight, and I am thrilled to be a part of it.  

Lord let me express my thanks more not just to you but to those I meet and interact with daily. Amen!

Have a great day & God Bless!!!

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Thursday, November 15, 2012

I'm Thankful 2012: Day 12-13

Well yesterday (monday) and today (Tuesday) I have been sick and i am greatful for wonderful family members who love to keep my babies and love them like they are their own.  (I know I have already been thankful for my In-Laws, but this is me being thankful for family that chips in taking turns to help each other out when you are down and out. From the ones who take three kids home to stay the night, get them up and dressed for school for another family member to go by and pick them up to take them to school. All so a sick mommy and injured daddy can get some much needed healing rest!!  Love my family they are AWESOME!!!

Have a great day and God Bless!  

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I'm Thankful 2012: Day 11

Today (Sunday) I am thankful for a wonderful 28 year anniversary for my Pastor and my church.  It was a wonderful day of Homecoming services.  We had a great time visiting with family and friends who have moved away and came back to celebrate the anniversary with us.  I am thankful for the grace God has shed on Calvary Tabernacle and the revival that is headed our way.
Have a great day and God Bless