Wednesday, October 5, 2011

31 Day Challenge: Day 4

They say  that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  Well this beholder LOVES music.  I mean, in a perfect world my life would be a musical.  You know where every scene has a song applied to it playing in the background, and the characters sporadically break out into song and dance?  In reality my life is only like that in my head.  Seriously, I think in music!  I have tunes and melodies running through my head non-stop.  Its interesting I guess, and annoying at times.  Like if I'm reading a book I have a tune in my head to go along with the mood of the story I'm reading.  If my husband I are fighting well, yep there's is an accompanying sountrack in my head.  Okay now that you think I am CRAZY, I  will continue with my appreciating beauty moment of today.   There are actually two of them once again.  I'm sorry sometimes its hard just to pick one!
Okay, so moment one was when my husband, who has been working on the heating side of our central unit for a couple of days now, FINALLY figured out what was wrong with it and fixed it.  I was lucky enough to be part of his Ah Ha moment.  The pride and joy that came over his face was like a giddy little boy discovering and mastering a new bike trick.  It was so endearing, and I fell a little deeper in love with him in that moment.  Yes, the soundtrack was playing away.  It was one of triumph blended with a sappy violin solo.  Completely wonderful.  Even better, was listening to him later brag to a friend about it, and the friend saying "your a regular Mr.Fixit aren't you?".  I promise his head swelled enough to make his cap too tight to wear.  I couldn't let that go of course, and had to chime in with "Sure wish he would unleash that Mr.Fixit a little more around here".  I just got a grin out of him, and the cap didn't get any looser.
My second beautiful moment was tonight in our Choir & Praise Team music practices.  We have been working  on a few songs for a while.  Tonight, all the hard work everyone has been putting into the several songs just seemed to click together, and it was a beautiful harmonic result.  Perfect!  I guess you could say it was my Ah Ha moment.  If your not involved in music I'm not sure I can explain the absolute pure joy I get out of taking a song that no one is very familiar with, breaking it into a three part harmony, teaching those parts to the three sections, having them sing them, and it melding into one pure sound with intricate harmonies popping out here and there.  Its AMAZING.  To say that I love music, and hearing a song go from one part to three with the blend being perfect, is the worlds biggest understatement!  To know that its in Worship to my Heavenly Father just takes that up another notch in the awesome feeling department.
So those are my two beautiful moments for day 4.  I am really getting into this.  I am more appreciative of little things around me and not as quick to scold my children when they do something that while not right isnt completely wrong either (such as my youngest daughter coming in today covered in mud...including her school tennis shoes ugghhh).  Its hard to get really mad when you can see the beauty of children having a wonderful time and getting so carried away in play that the practicality of life's responsibilities just slip away.  Probably a lesson we adults would do well to remember a little more often.

I hope you have enjoyed today's beautiful moments.  Do my moments remind you of something?  Are you a crazy music person like me? DO YOU THINK IN SOUNDTRACK??? If so please leave me a comment telling me all about it. I would love to know I am not alone in my affliction :)

Have a great day and God bless you and all your craziness too :)

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  1. Music ought to be important factor in us growing up.It forms part of us.I am quite sure about that.And thankful for guides through that proces by people that recognzied that:))


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