Tuesday, October 4, 2011

How teeny is this? and cute too!

Yesterday my Hubby surprised my two youngest with the treat of a Happy Meal.  They were ecstatic as this is a rare thing. With peanut butter and jelly sandwiches or corn-dogs as an example of the at home lunch norm.
Anyway as we started unpacking the box we came across a change that Macdonalds has made in their Happy Meals.  Now, this may be old hat to you, but as I said Happy Meals are rare around her so it made an impression on us.  The fries now come in a different container and they had apples too.  What, no more fussing when I order them the apples instead of fries??? Can it really be this simple?  They actually started putting BOTH??? WOW they finally got something right at Macdonalds!  a tiny french fry and a package of the healthier "moms choice" apple slices too!  You know me and how camera happy I am.  I just had to snap a few pictures. lol  See for yourself:
Here they both are:

and just for a size comparison here is the fry container alone:

Look how tiny compared to my finger and thumb! I love tiny things...silly I know but they are just so stinking cute!!

Let me know if your MacDonalds is doing this and what you think about it.  I would love to get your input. 

Have a great day and God Bless your family.

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  1. The fry box is pretty cute! It's nice that they're trying to be a little healthy. I still remember when I was a kid that I had to finish my food before I got the toy. I wish somebody had to bribe me to eat fries now.


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