Friday, October 14, 2011

31 Day Challenge: Day 13

AArrrggghhhh a day late AGAIN! I crashed again last night!! Night before last it was deliberate, but last night it was a two year old that had to have mommy, and instead of getting back up after he was asleep like planned... well lets just say I got a FULL nights sleep last night lol.
I had my whole post planned out ans was ready to sit down and share, but life happened. Oh well that's

So my beautiful Moment yesterday came about when visiting with my neighbor and friend. She is an older lady who was married to an even older gentleman. She lost her Husband early Wednesday morning in the most beautiful way possible. I know! I can hear you thinking a beautiful death? It was though! She was so in love with this man and they had a truly beautiful love story. As his his health had failed and he was placed on hospice her prayer had been that her voice was the last he would hear and her face the last he would see. Her prayers were answered and as he entered the arms of our savior she was telling him how much she loved him. The nurse told her after his passing that every time she said "I love You" and kissed his forehead his heartbeat would go up and as she would sit back it would slowness go down. Three times this happened as she loved on him until the final time when she sat back and he breathed his last peaceful breath. What beautiful love. To be so connected to another soul, to be so completely one in marriage that your very life is maintained and continued with love.
It is beautiful to listen to her stories about how they met, how their relationship was a wonder to even her. To listen as she tells you how happy she was with this man who she will plainly tell you was her soul mate. Marriages like that are something special, and was beautiful to watch and now to remember. I pray that when my Hubby and I reach our final breaths we have had the same joy and love in ours as they have in theirs. I know I could easily echo her sentiments now for mine. I am blessed in my marriage and with my husband. A Godly love and marriage is such a beautiful blessing.

I hope you had a beautiful day and are blessed with a Godly love in your life.

I would love to hear about your day!

Have a great day today and God bless!


  1. Got back from holiday exausteeeeeeeed.And had a goodnicht sleep too(once my princess took decision to finaly sleep;)
    Yes of course it was a nice way to go..rather than months or years of suffering..

  2. Don't you Looooveee how, at that age, THEY decide when its time to go to sleep?? Glad you had a fun trip! and that you got some obviously much needed rest!


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