Monday, August 29, 2011

where to start?

So,if you are anything like me you have that one room in your home that you just kinda live with it.  It doesn't inspire you, and you just live there you don't exactly love it.  Confession time!  For me its my bedroom!  We moved into this house a year ago and would you believe that the only thing hanging on the wall of my bedroom is the mirror over my dresser?!?!?  I do NOT like my bedroom! it is a place for me to sleep and that's IT.  I spend as little waking time in the room as possible.  Which is pretty sad, especially since the sleeping time I spend there isn't all that great either cause our bed isn't the most comfortable in the world house (I have literally woken up from being so uncomfortable and went to sleep in my old queen bed that my son inherited).  So I am about to embark upon a whole new journey of reclaiming what once used to be my favorite room, my oasis of calm in a crazy noisy house.  I am stumped though.  I am still working on choosing a color palette and style.  So lets put it to a vote and see what you guys think.

White with Yellow & Gray?

Brown & Blues/Turquoise?

Black & White

Or if you have any other idea, chime in, because I am really open to ANY suggestion here as it is pretty much a completely BLANK slate.

I will say the attached Master bath is in chocolate brown and sea foam green (thanks to the sea foam green tile on the walls). So that can be kept in mind, but as you can see I am open to going in a completely different direction than that

My plans for the room are new comforter/bedding (hopefully with a new mattress set!!!), curtains, wall/paint color (currently a drab tan), and accent wall decor.

Please please PLEASE leave me a comment and let me know what you are finding inspiring for room decorations now. 

There is also a very cool giveaway going on over at another blog, that I very much love to read, and it goes right along with this project so go give it a look. Enter the drawing if you are suffering a similar decorating crisis, and leave a comment saying you read about it on my blog please.  You might just help ME win it ;) <------- The give away you want to check out!!!

Thanks...oh and DON'T forget to comment on what you think I should do!!! 

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  1. I have (still am) right there with you. For me it's just random where I get inspiration from. It'll come.

    I wanted to give you the awesome Liebster Award! :)

    I don't know how I missed it before...I seriously just noticed my button so made my evening. :)


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