Friday, February 3, 2012

Inspiration wednesday...

A liiiiiiittle late....Okay a LOT late, like two days late.  Basically my inspiration for you this week is as follows: When your life becomes filled with activities, family, work, and obligations what should be given the most weight priority wise?  Family!  So due to a crazy busy work schedule lately as well as Ministry obligations time for my blog love has become shortened.  This isn't permanent nor is it going to last too much longer, but it is a current reality.  I have so many wonderful crafts, DIY projects, and recipes just waiting on my hard drive to be put together in post form and published, but no time to do just that.  So let this weeks inspiration be one of my favorite quotes:

"The main thing is keeping the main thing the main thing."        Rev. T.F.Tenny

Since God and my family, NOT blogging, are the "Main Things" in my life they are getting top rights to my time.

So love to all, and this is only a short Ta Ta for now!
and please don't forget what your "Main Thing" is and to keep it in its rightful place!



to my sweet Sis. In Law and one of my closest and dearest friends Dee.  
I hope it is a great year!  I LOVE YOU!!

Have a great day & God bless!!!
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