Friday, October 5, 2012

Kindle Freebies!!!

Hey everyone, normally I write about a craft I have done or an activity I have know just SOMETHING.  Well not today.  I have had my blog administrator page up for about 4 days just itching to write something, but between funerals, Church, Music Department responsibilities, kids, husband, and work it has been super crazy around here.  So this is just a quick update on something interesting I found...FREE KINDLE BOOKS!!  who doesn't love the FREE stuff????  So here ya go!  I came across these awesome freebies and just had to share. I hope you enjoy!

The first book is one I have seriously needed since I have been going through closets and under beds trying to get rid of all the clutter my family of five has accumulated in the last two years since moving into this house.  Its crazy!!!  I want bare closets again like when we first moved in!! So I am going to give this a thorough read and see what wisdom I can glean to help me in this quest!!

Clutter Antidote: The Ultimate Guide To Decluttering And Organizing Your Home

So you know what happens when you start going through closets and decluttering??  You make a MESS! and since your focusing on reorganizing the deep cleaning doesn't seem to get done as much as you would like.  So my next read is this one to deep clean after I have decluttered!

The Easy Way To Clean: How to clean your house using a three times faster method

Next is a book that I found fun and interesting.  Even though we don't celebrate Halloween I LOVE and anything about costumes since I have some VERY imaginative children who love to play dress up.  As well as a drama department in our church who is always needing costumes for the next production. So I was excited to find this free costume book that even has instructables!!

Easy Halloween Costumes (Instructables Halloween)

Then by the same authors is this free Halloween Food book.  Umm, FREE RECIPES??  LOOOOVE,  and I can use them for things other than Halloween.  so... SCORE!

Halloween Food (Instructables Halloween)

I hope you enjoy these freebies as much as I plan to. Please feel free to share in the comments any freebies you come across.  I love a good bargain!!

I hope you have a great day!  And God Bless!!!

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