Sunday, October 14, 2012

Diaper Bouquet

Okay so I couldn't come up with a cute and catchy name for this post. I usually try for a play on words, but I am so not feeling it tonight. So it is what it is...
N-E-waaaay Today I attended a baby shower for a sweet cousin of mine who is having her second son very soon.  At her last shower, about 2 years ago, I gave her a too cute diaper cake. So this time I decided to do something a little different, and give her one of those super cute Diaper Bouquets I have seen popping up all over the place in blog land. I think diapers are one of the best gifts to get at a baby shower (voice of experience here!!) so I ALWAYS try to give them. But its so boring to just give a box of diapers and a card.  I like to put a little creativity , and a little bit of myself into my gifts!

Here's the result.  My version of the Diaper Bouquet!
Now don't crucify me for the lackluster photo quality here since I forgot my camera and this was created on the fly...Sorry!
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Basically I took the diapers and rolled them up, taped the edge down, and stuck them on skewers. I did about 10 like this then I put a soft package of wipes on its end and taped the skewers to it.  Next I gently set the wipes inside the gift sack on its end with the diaper flowers sticking out of the top of the sack.  Then I did about 10 or so more diaper flowers and attached them to skewers, sticking them in the sack until it was pretty full. Next I rolled the baby wash cloths up to stick on the skewers, and added them. Then I taped the baby spoons and pacifiers to skewers and added them along with the bottle brush (You cant see the brush in this photo but it is visible in the next one taken from the other side).  Next I cut tissue paper into squares and taped them to the end of skewers to give the pops of color. Finally I tucked the extra diapers around the edge of the top of the sack to make sure all the skewers were completely hidden (kinda like you would tissue paper in a traditional gift bag.  It turned out so stinking cute and it only took me about 45 minutes to do, start to finish!! 
I think I would've fixed a few things and froo frooed (yes, that's a thing) it up a little more if I would've had some extra time, but well I didn't. Anyway here is a full shot of the whole thing.

Cuteness Huh? 
And this is actually after it had been manhandled a bit, and I remembered that I hadn't got a picture of it yet!  Oh well!

Have you tried making one of these yet? They are pretty easy, and once I watched a few YouTube how-to videos I got the hang of it pretty quick. Also, did I mention I made this whole thing while sitting in my car at a Sonic drive in???? I actually got away from the house without the kiddos for a little while (The hubs was on kid patrol), and it was the perfect time to let my creative juices flow if not the perfect place. I would love to hear about your fun baby shower gift ideas and if you have tried something like this!!

Well I hope you have a great day, and God Bless!!


  1. What a great idea. You froo frooed it perfectly! Cheers


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