Monday, July 25, 2011

Lord Help Me!

Ok, so I am so far behind that Its just crazy!!!  We are just going to call this the MOTHER of all catch up posts!!! Hopefully I will get EVERYTHING caught up on this one.  Are you prepared for a TON of pictures????

I have stayed pretty much true to my pledge by creating something new each week I just haven't been as faithful as I would like in posting it.  So without much further ado here are the pictures :)

This picture includes my three first projects from the first three weeks of June that I have been promising to post on here.  The dress made from a T-shirt purchased at Walmart and fabric from Hobby Lobby, the headband made with twisted fabric rosettes, and the Hobo flower detail on the chest of the dress (I wear this all the time too, and am SO glad I made it removable!).

So that pretty much covered June with those three projects and the Fathers day Pictures that I posted earlier.  Now to show you how SUPER creative I have become in July!!  I am building momentum, and not always doing just one craft a week.  This is so addicting!!!

First Here is the picture of the project I mentioned in my last post.  My Fourth of July Wreath.
I picked the bare grapevine wreath up at my local Walmart for about $3.50, the ribbon on sale there for $.50 a spool, and went to town.  It didn't look complete, but I did like it.  Then while in my local Dollar General I saw these two cute little plaques were on sale for half off.  I knew as soon as I saw them they were the perfect finishing touch.  Now I don't just like it, I LOVE it! 

Next I needed festive outfits for my three monkeys for the fourth of July. So I got creative and the following was the result.

This First Shirt was a "Wonder Under Experiment", and my very first time to use the product.  I am addicted now. It turned out so cute!  I drew a bunch of stars onto the Wonder Under, followed the instructions for attaching them to the fabric, cut out the stars, followed the rest of the instructions for attaching them to the shirt, and Viola we have a star studded shirt for my little man.  The tricky part of this is that these stars were made out of RIBBON!  I had to overlap pieces of ribbon to form a solid piece of "fabric" to cut the stars out of.  This meant afterwards going back and hot gluing a couple of loose edges, but it worked beautifully and he perfectly matched the girls embellishments.  On the largest star I did sew on the outside edges, but on the others I did not.  I can tell already that after a few washes I might not have quite as many stars, but hey the shirt served its purpose.  He was very festive for the big 4th party.

Next are Shirts for the girls:  I made three ribbon ruffle rosettes, and hot glued them to right chest and shoulder area.  The girls LOVED it.  This was my very first time making these type rosettes, I went a little crazy with them after this, making hair accessories and corsages.  They are just so stinking cute, and easy to make! They are also wearing VERY well. They are very secure after laundering, and seem like they are going to go the distance.

Then I made a shirt festive for myself: (Sorry for the HORRIBLE picture, but you get the idea)
I picked this shirt up at my local Walmart for $4, and added a simple ribbon ruffle to the neck.  Now you may be asking why go to the trouble to do something so simple.  Well I like to add a little flair to what I wear, and also because: hey, I got it at WALMART where a LOT of people shop!! the design looked a lot like fireworks.  So I figured there would probably be more than just myself wearing the shirt at the shindig, and I wanted mine to be unique.  I know, its crazy, but hey I had the time.  It was fun, and I still like it.  The ruffle is pulling away a little after laundering.  So I will have to tack it back on in one place before wearing it again, but otherwise it has held up nicely and I do plan to wear it again.

So this should catch me up for all of June and the first three weeks of July and then some! 

I did do another project that I neglected to take a picture of.  It was a Mini baby wreath made of feather boas that I hot glued to, of all things, a paper plate!! It was so cute when it was done, but I completely forgot to take a picture before giving it to the Mother at the hospital.  She adored it, and if I can get her to snap a picture of it for me I will add it at a later time.

Should you have any questions or comments please leave them or e-mail me, and I will be happy to share with you my process in making any of these items.

Have a great day, and I will be adding my project for this week in a little while as it is almost completed.  This time I actually thought to take pictures as I was creating so that there could be some step by step instructions.  I am learning and figuring this all out albeit slowly.

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