Thursday, July 28, 2011

They are getting older, I'm getting older too, and the landslide will bring me down

Today my baby girl (the *gasp* Middle Child) will be turning 5.  I just cant believe it! It has made me nostalgic for a sweeter more baby-ish time, but also thrilled that diapers (for the most part as we are still potty training my Lil' Man), baby food, nursing, middle of the night feedings, and other such baby oriented times have been grown out of.  I look on those times with fond memories, but not so much with a desire to return, or repeat for that matter. 
Wow it has been 5 whole years, a half decade.  The time has flown!! She starts Kindergarten this year, and before I know it will be graduating High school, then college. Well I will savor every moment that I can, of all three's lives, and hope we do a good job preparing them for the world we are raising them to one day face alone.  I know as long as we keep God the center of that process, chances are they will turn out to be pretty Ok.  That in itself is a great comfort and source of peace.
Well thank you for allowing me to get totally off the crafting subject.  I know I pontificated and daydreamed away, but I just cant help it.
I am working on a few projects, but most have taken a backseat to the preparations for the Birthday Party.  Who knows though, I may get a little crafty for the event.  I will have to get back with you on that one though pretty soon ... sooner or later...whenever I get a chance.

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