Saturday, January 14, 2012

Can't wait, but can't get started either!

I have SO many great ideas and Pinterest projects too that I cannot wait to get started on for Valentines day.  "Whats stopping ya?" you may ask.  Well its the 4 Christmas tree, numerous garlands, and Christmas tablescapes that have GOT to come down before I can start putting up all the cute Day of Love items that I am itching to make.  Yes that's right I admitting that I still have my Christmas decorations up.  No not all of them as I started taking them down today.  In fact most of the small decorations are gone.  Now its the trees and the Garlands that have to come down.  You all know how much I adore wreaths so it shouldn't surprise you to know that I have a great Idea for a winter themed one as well as a Valentines one.  Here's the question "Would it be completely tacky to make these two wreaths that I am itching to make, take down my green pine wreaths, and hang those on my doors to welcome the world all while I still have lingering Christmas decorations inside my home?"  Yes they are coming down slowly, but it almost seems hypocritical to not have them all down and boxed/binned away before moving on to my next holiday decor.

Yes, I know I'm a tad crazy (HEEE-LLLO look at the name of the blog!!) but is this just too crazy?

Anyway since I have V-Day on the brain here are a couple of cool ideas from Pinterest to help you get there too (see what I'm doing?  I'm drawing you into the insanity to he he he)

 If you are curious use about the origin of these pictures feel free to follow my "Day of Love" Pinterest board or just check it out.  They are all on there, and you can easily re-pin or just click on through to the blog where they originated from.  These are not my projects (yet), but are just lovely ideas that I am finding inspiration in.

So let me know if you have everything down and put away from Christmas, and have started on your V-Day decorations yet, or if you still are flying the flag of Christmas proudly, or have everything down but are taking a break from holiday decor.  I love to have you weigh in!!

I hope you have a great day and God Bless!


  1. All Christmas, except my red wreath which I am using as a v-day decoration, is put away until September! haah, just kidding! I will, AT LEAST wait, until October to bring out the Christmas magic :) I need your help in some wall decor ideas. I have these crazy slanted attic walls that constantly mock me with their bareness!

  2. Oh girl its ON we are gonna decorate the MESS outta them!! Stencils???? I dunno just throwing it out there ;)

  3. You know you could always leave trees up for all year and decorate your trees for each holiday that comes during year. My sister in law did that one year had some interesting trees I must say.


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