Thursday, January 19, 2012

Inspiration Wednesday: Front Door Help

Well, if you are a regular reader you know that I was having a dilemma with holiday decorations.  I am now pleased to announce that I am having that dilemma no more. The Christmas decorations are out the door, and I am ready to start working on new and improved door decorations.

My problem is plain and drab looking doors.  One day, when my yard is actually toy, kid, animal, and weed free, I will take a picture of the entire front of my house so that you can understand the enormity of the importance of decorating my front door.  But for now I will break it down for you without said picture.  Basically, it looks like no one lives in my house if I don't have the door decorated.  Yes, that's right, Like.No.One.Lives.Here!  I can see some of you are thinking "well, that could be a good thing: No solicitors!", but trust me it just looks weird and maybe a little creepy.  See, the previous owners had dark screens installed over every window (THANK YOU for the nice summer electric bills!!) that make it seem like a dark house from the street.  Yes, at night there is a slight glow from the windows as light glimmers through the blinds, but during the day they just look dark, empty, and sad.  So, it is my goal right now to decorate my front stoop and door with as much life as I can.  I really should find a way to decorate the windows on each side of the door going the length of the house as well...hmmm, but there is too much shrubbery and foliage I think.  Oh well, at least for now I am concentrating on my front door.  With that in mind, here are some pins from my "Wreath Love" Pinterest board that I am taking inspiration from.  I will soon have a post for you debuting my newest door decoration.  Until then I hope these inspire you as they have me.

To see the sources for these pins please go to my Pinterest board by clicking 
really really REALLY like this frame wreath!!! Looks easy to make too!! I have a MAJOR great idea for something similar, and I cant wait to make that idea a reality!

Isn't this book page wreath just adorable?!?!?

No words are even necessary!  I think this one ranks pretty high on my "must make" list.  Well you know me so you know it wont be EXACTLY like this, but inspired by (wink wink)

Ca-ute felt petal wreath!!

Lima Beans... SERIOUSLY!!  Bet you wouldn't have figured it out if I hadn't spilled the beans!!! har har

Love me some black and white, and that splash of color is delish!

Classic Valentines heart is a MUST!!!

I hope inspiration has struck you as it did me.  If you have any decoration ideas for my small square front stoop/porch feel free to share them.  I can use all the help I can get!!!  I would love to hear how you decorate your front door and porch as well.  You inspire me with your ideas!!!

Have a great day and God Bless!

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