Monday, January 2, 2012

A Whole New Beginning


Not only are we at the beginning of a new year, but each day brings a  new beginning.  Will today be a day I procrastinate away and get not enough accomplished? Will today be a super productive day that I when my head hits the pillow it will be with a sigh of satisfaction that I squeezed every bit of my time and effort into accomplishing all that I intended?  For most of us the majority of our days are actually one where we go to be having accomplished some of our goals, but still have some undone.  Now here's truth time for me...Lately I think I have been in the procrastinating camp just a little too much.  It is time to get my rear in gear!  With this being the beginning of a new year and month I am setting goals for myself.  Some Daily, Monthly, and Yearly ones, but for now I am going to touch on one of my monthly goals.
This year I want a different room to be de-cluttered and organized each month.  Counting bathrooms, bedrooms, living, cooking, creating, and dining spaces that will be 10 rooms which equals 10 months.  I will take the month of June off since I am gone the majority of that month, and December because we all know re-organization will NEVER happen in that month (Well at least around here)!!!!
I think My first room will be my Master Bath.  It needs a good scrubbing/redecorating/painting.  It has multiple problems that need to be addressed.  As for the color scheme it is currently and interesting combination of mint green (tile the old kind that goes halfway up the wall and isn't going anywhere unfortunately),
(Sorry for the flash, but in order to see the true minty greenness it had to be used)
tan walls that have water lines from water dripping down them due to a combination of no venting in this old house and a hubby who likes to wake up by showering for at least an hour in a steaming (literally) hot shower, old gold hardware that I have been meaning to replace since we moved in a year and four months ago, cream trip, and bronze and chocolate accents.

I forgot to mention the ugly old (the silvering is starting to come away on the bottom of the mirror. Not bad, but enough to drive me crazy) contractors mirror and florescent bare bulb lighting fixture.

Since I am intending to turn my Master Bedroom into a cool welcoming oasis of gray, black, and white the Master Bath is going to be gray walls, mint green tile, and black and white accents. Other improvements are going to be a fan/vent to combat the whole steam issue, new towel racks and light-switch plates,  a new mirror or frame in the current one (I'm leaning toward framing the existing due to I'm cheap monetary issues), and a new lighting fixture (A MUST!!!).  Also going to improve storage issues with some additional shelving. I think it's going to look really great, and I cant wait to get started!

Oh yeah, I got an AWESOME Christmas present that my hubby was so excited that I asked for (its one he actually enjoyed shopping for).... drum roll please.... a Jigsaw!!

I cant wait to make so many things with it!  One of the first is going to be some decorative shelving for my reworked Master Bath!  This saw is AWESOME!  It will cut through just about anything, cuts angles, and decorative curves.  I cant wait to get started!

So with all this built up excitement and anticipation lets see how this month of organizing the Master Bath goes, and move on to the next room.

What are some of your Yearly, Monthly, and Daily goals for this new year? I would love to hear all about them!

Have a great day and God Bless!


  1. Thanks for linking up! I think you should frame your existing mirror! I did and I'm glad I didn't get rid of the old one! Exciting Christmas present! I'm glad I'm not the only one who asks for that kind of present!
    My goal for the New Year is to drink more water and exercise more!
    Creatively Living

  2. I like this idea... One room every month. Makes it feel doable. Good luck...
    I think framing your bathroom mirror is a great idea also. Mirrors are stinkin expensive.... I love the look of a big chunky frame. Have fun with your jigsaw.... I love gifts like that as well....

  3. Funny you should ask...My daily goal is to keep the house clean (or at least decent enough that if company comes by, I won't be embarrassed!) and Cook at least 2 delicious meals a week (the other days will be leftovers or simple warmed up meals). I used to be really good at cooking 5 days a week, but then I got a job!

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  5. my post above meant to say, "I would love it..."

  6. Thanks guys and I love your goals!! @Wendy: girl I hear ya! I can keep my house straight all day (and its an all day job when your picking up after a two yr old constantly!), but the hour or two I decide to let it all go and just relax is exactly when there is a knock on the door! As an Assistant Pastors Wife you never know when and unexpected guest or church member may drop in for fellowship or counselling!
    @ southern Queen thanks for the invite!!

  7. Such a great goal, you can do it!!! And I love your Christmas gift, I heart power tools!
    Karah @ thespacebetweenblog

  8. Great post! Thanks for joining my linky party!

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