Tuesday, January 3, 2012


I would like to preface this post with an apology for the randomness you are about to experience if you continue to read this.  In fact you may not want to read it.  Seriously its all over the place.

Are you still reading???  Well don't say I didn't warn you!

There are a few firsts that I have experienced in the last few months and then just in this year already we have had some "firsts".  Let me start by sharing a little about myself I am a Texas girl born and raised.  Then I met Mr.Wonderful who whisked me off my feet and into the beautiful state of Alabama.  Now before you misunderstand, I LOVE living in Alabama.  It is usually 10 degrees cooler here than my very humid South East Texas hometown, I have so many lovely people that I have grown close with, and the best set of In-Laws a girl could ask for, and a wonderful Church family that I adore.  So as much as I love Texas, and miss it, I am very happy living in my new home state.  That being said, I have been miserable living so far from my dearest and best friend...my Momma.  We are blessed to have one of those kind of relationships where we respect each other as adults, as much as we love each other as Mom and Daughter.  She is my girlfriend, shopping buddy, confidant, and the only person other than my hubby that I know I can share absolutely anything I feel with her, and know there will only be understanding, without judgement, and love flowing through it all.  I have missed her with a deep ache of missing.  So you can only imaginable the JOY I experienced when she announced she wanted to move here to be with me!  I was ecstatic.  Then we had to wait for this, and then that to fall into place.  Until finally, in mid November, my Mom moved not just to Alabama, not just to my town, but into the house next door to mine (which also happens to be the house we moved out of a year ago when we purchased our neighbors house).  I can not tell you how extremely awesome it is to have her living right next door to me, and my kids are in Nanna Heaven!!  They adore her and love having her literally a short walk away.  So that is a first for me, my mom living next door to me here in Alabama and for the first time since I married my sweetie 8 years ago.

My next first was a very interesting and frustrating one in the making.  On December 31st, New Years Eave my son had the first diaper and accident free day of his life.  He is now completely potty trained!  Yes, he is almost three (1 month and a few days away actually....whoa that's soon!  I had better get on the birthday party planning ball!!), and yes, we have just now potty trained.  But, you know what?  He just wasn't ready until now.  Seriously we have had the frog potty (his training potty) in the bathroom since last March, but he has had ZERO interest in using it.  It has been a long time, with lots of cajoling, in coming, but the week of Christmas I made up my mind that this past week was going to be the week we said goodbye to diapers.  I told him every day, several times a day "guess what next week no more diapers!!  You are going to wear underwear like a big boy, like a cowboy (he is SO into cowboys right now) and use the potty!! Isn't that great?!?!"  and he would respond "No more diapees, I wear undywear!" (that's how he says it: diapees and undywear. It cracks me up!) So sure enough Tuesday (not Monday, cause hey it was the day after Christmas and we hit the sales!) we took off the diaper he slept in, put on underwear, and that was that!  I do still put on the diapers for night time sleeping and nap time, but guess what....he has only wet ONE of those!!! All the other have been bone dry! So basically he was completely potty trained in four days!  I know crazy, right?!?!  My girls took like two weeks each until they were completely accident free for an entire day!!  He loves going pee pee and poo poo in his froggy potty, and wearing his 'undywear"!  It amazing!  So, this is the first time in six years I have not had a diaper to change. Its wonderful!  Ahhhhhhh (that's me relaxing in the time that I used to spend every day changing diapers lol) Its also a tad bit sad.  My baby is growing up.  I don't have any babies anymore.  They are all active, running, bubbling, giggling, children who all have a unique view on the world, a mind of their own, and a voice that's all their own that they are NOT afraid to have heard.  I LOVE it!

So that's two of the "firsts" I have experienced lately.  Its cool that I am 32 and still get to experience "firsts", and I hope I never stop savoring the "firsts" of life.  I want to savor every moment!

I would love to hear about the firsts you have experienced lately, no matter where you are in your life.  Feel free to share them.  I love hearing about your life and love to respond (usually via e-mail).

Have a great day and God Bless!


  1. Yeah, for your mom getting to live next door. That is so cool! Oh, and the joy of no more diapers, that is a heavenly first!! My recent firsts revolve around my oldest, my baby girl who went and grew up on me and started high school this year. Next week she'll get her drivers license and I'll have to watch her drive away from me by herself. She also just turned 16 so she'll be having her first date any day, too. I'm so not ready for this. :) wasn't I just 16 a year or so ago myself?!

  2. WOW I am NOT looking forward to those first, but even though they are just 6&5 I know it will feel like tomorrow that I will be experiencing those myself. And yes I think it was only a year or a few that you were 16 yourself...I know it could have been that long ago for me either! ;)

  3. I love reading your blog! I am so glad that your mom was able to move here, and I can't wait to get to spend some time with you guys!!

    Love You!

  4. THANKS NAT!!! You made me melt a little inside saying you love to read this stuff that I type, fearfully hit the publish button, then bite my nails over wondering if it was completely ridiculous to post whatever that post contains... I love you girlie, and I'm glad your one of my best friends! and because you are a bestie I know you of all people would be straight with me letting me know when I need to hit the delete button...ROFL!!

  5. Just keep the U factor! I love that while I am reading your blog, I can hear you saying most of it in my head. ;) YOU are awesome!


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