Saturday, November 3, 2012

I'm Thankful 2012: Day 2

Today I am thankful for the wonderful family I married into. For my Mother and Father In-Law, my Sister and Brother In-Law, My Grandparents In-Law, Aunt and Uncle In-Laws, and Cousins In-Law.  I can NOT begin to tell you how wonderful and supportive they are each and every day.
From Nanny and Pawpaw who refused to allow me to put me now seven year old daughter into what they called "the nursing home"  (daycare) when I had to go back to work after Maternity Leave.  Seven years later and that still means so much to me that they committed then and there to love, protect, and care for my baby while I went to work no matter how long that may be.  Turned out I only worked 6 more months before God stepped in and made a way for me to stay home with my baby, but they didn't know that when they came to me expressing their desire. They still love to keep my children for a day, and occasionally overnight.
Then there's MawMaw the Matriarch or the Rogers family who will suddenly appear on my doorstep wanting to know if she can help me out in any way. She comes in like a whirlwind folding the pile of clean laundry, hanging what needs hanging, and putting it away.  If I'm not watching she will sneak doing dishes and sweeping and mopping by me too.  Making it look as if little elves have been hard at work in my home, and one has: a tenderhearted kind lady who loves to help out a busy working mother of three, making my life so much easier.
Next is the Aunts and Uncle In-Laws, and they are all a fun and crazy lot.  One set in particular is more than just an Aunt and Uncle  In-Law they are friends, and great help.  At least once a week Nena has my girls or son to stay the night or they just take them out to dinner.  My kids love to spend time with them.
Next is my cousins In-Law who I love to get together with just to have fun.  One in particular has become more than just family, she is a best friend, and more like a little sister.  There are times she stops by and I know its going to be an all night gab fest just because we can talk anything to death, and part wishing we had more time.
Then there is my Sister and Brother In-Law and their sweet baby boy. What can I say other than I really don't have to add the "In-Law" tag to them DeAnna is truly a sister and Josh a brother. There is an ease of friendship and love between us that is deeper than just a bond forged by marriage.  We worry about, help out, care for, and love each other day in and day out.  We can completely be ourselves around each other, and know that there will be no judgments passed just acceptance. I would trust them with my children any day hands down, and know they would love them and care for them like I do, no doubts ever, and I'm pretty sure they would say the same about us for their son.
Finally there is my Mother and Father In-Law who also really don't need the "In-Law" tag.  We are family through and through. They have been there for Kenneth and I from day one. They have worried, prayed, and supported us through our many life and ministry decisions always standing by our side whether they completely agreed with us or not.  They are AMAZING!  If either of them sees a need we have, before we know it, they are working to provide it, or helping us acquire it.  I can honestly say I do not have to buy my children clothes because my Mother In-Law loves to shop.  Before I can even get to the store to get school clothes she comes in the door loaded down from all the sales she has hit.  It is an amazing blessing that I probably don't thank her enough for.  There is not a holiday or birthday of mine that can go by that they don't acknowledge, and want to celebrate with me, and I know that is not the norm.  I take them for granted far too often, but I am truly thankful for their love support, and for accepting me into their family as if I had always been a part.
So to say that I am blessed and thankful is an understatement.  I have cried through typing this, because it is a matter of the heart, theirs and mine!  That we are able to get along so well and love each other so deeply is a rarity.  I truly thankful for and blessed in my extended family by marriage, and I wish this blessing up every married family.

I would love to hear about your relationship and the blessings you have found in your In-Laws so leave me a comment!

Have a great Day and God Bless!!

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