Thursday, November 15, 2012

I'm Thankful 2012: Day 8

Today (Thursday) I am thankful for financial peace.  We are attending Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University at our church, and growing from it.  Originally I was going against my will, just to appease my husband, since I thought this could NEVER work for us. He sneakily got me into it by being the coordinator of the class, and since he's over it he knew I would support him all the way by attending.
Here's the back story: My hubby has a Bachelors in Finance so I let him handle every bit of our finances. By handle I mean I refused to have anything to do with it...AT ALL, other than spending that is.  Which I now see loaded the stress on him.  He has read and listened to Dave Ramsey for years and loved him.  Me not so much. I hated Dave Ramsey even though I had never met, read, or listened to him.  All because my hubby LOVED to quote him and sing his praises from room to room in our house.
Now I am the one singing a different tune, and I'm really enjoying the class.  Learning that this COULD work for us when we work together as a team is awesome.  Also its amazing my hubby that I'm more of a nerd than he realized, and he is more of a free spirit than I am when it comes to budgeting and keeping track of things (if you dont know about nerds and free spirits go take the class you will be AMAZED to learn new aspects of yourself).
So today I am thankful for the growing financial peace I am finding in our marriage and our lives.  It is so much easier to stick to the budget when its all written out in black and white and you know exactly where your money is going. Ummm I LOVE controlling my money and not having it control me!!! Now its me saying "Dave Say's" all the time, words I never thought I would say!!  Here are a few more words I never thought I would say: THANK YOU DAVE RAMSEY!

So now I'm going to prepare for tonight's Financial Peace class. I know its going to be fun, educational, and life-changing.

Have a great day and God Bless

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